Monday 6 June 2011

The first Garlic!!

Just a quick post...I went down the allotment the other day to water and noticed that one of the garlic plants had been blown right over and the bulb was poking out of the ground so I had to dig it up...Didn't I???

Anyway it was a rather peculiar but pretty shape so I though I would share it with you!!

fresh garlic bulb
It's not the best photo in the world but you can see how the bulb has started to split...a rather pretty (and smelly!) flower shape.

I don't know why it has split like this or if the rest will be the same...but hey garlic is garlic and there is very little of this bulb left Nephew likes to eat raw garlic and say what I grow is always so much better than the store bought stuff!!



  1. Hey, I *think* they split like that when they are over matured. Bit early though, may be to do with the dry weather?

  2. I wonder why that's happened. We don't each much garlic so I don't grow it.

  3. I think everything that's home grown is better than the store bought stuff. I can't wait for the stuff to start growing in our garden. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  4. Our garlic doesn't look to be doing too well. Maybe lack of moisture has meant the garlic cloves haven't fully developed on your photo it looks as though the centre cloves hadn't yet swelled out.

  5. Great stuff! You can barely see our garlic for the weeds! Too scared to dig them out as they are so close to the garlic itself.

    Eating raw garlic, haven't tried that, but 'garlic tea' is pretty good! (Crushed clove in boiling water) and good for colds too!

  6. I am looking forward to my garden too. It is one of the many things placed here by the Good Lord that can make you feel happy and productive and accomplished. I am happy for you and all the joy that your planting brings you. Blessings, Catherine
    I would love if you would visit my blog too. I follow your blog and if you like my blog perhaps you may follow too. Thank you.

  7. Well i think everyone is in agreement about the dry weather...i guess until I dig up the other I won't really know if it has happened to them all or just this poor clove....also I don't think it was totally ready to come out so this may have factored into garlic is also planted in two different locations so this may also effect it's growth. I will write all about it when I finally dig it up and then we can throw some more ideas around...thanks for all your input and help!!


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