Saturday 25 June 2011

Not quite an allotment update.

Well I know I promised you a HUGE allotment update earlier in the week but things have just been so hectic that I haven't had the time to sit down at the computer...I keep thinking that each week will be a little less busy...and you never know one of these days I might be right!!

That said however doesn't mean that I haven't been to the allotment...I have managed to get quite a bit done but I also have to confess to not having taken any photos yet so this is going to be a little preview of what I started with last weekend and then tomorrow I will get the camera out and go take some photos to share with you all.

I have to say i am quite pleased with how my allotment has progressed this year and I think I now have everything exactly as I want it so it should make next year a little easier too!!

Firstly all the tomatoes are doing well in the greenhouse and one of the 'Shirleys' is just starting to change colour now.



and these were what i had to get into the ground and i have manged to plant them all out this last week and get them protected with netting too.

This is my celeriac...well as of last doesn't look much but I haven't given up hope yet!!

My son having a go with the 'tiller'

So as you can see I have been majorly busy...I think tomorrow I will be going to weed round near the shed area which is the only neglected spot left and then i can quite happily put you a picture post up on Monday or Tuesday and be proud of what I have to show........I finally managed to get a second sowing of carrots in but didn't have room in the 'roots' section so they are in with the brassicas as I know that potatoes will be there next year so I don't have to worry about sowing the same thing in the same section twice.

I did have some lovely redcurrants but unfortunately one of the branches broke off in the high winds and then the birds helped themselves to quite a few of what was left.....funny how they've left the black and white currants though?!?!

I'm sure everyone else has been very busy too....I just bet they have managed to keep on top of their blogs at the same time..unlike me...maybe I'm just getting to old for it...i really didn't have this much problem last year?!?!

Anyway I am about to catch up with everyone else and i hope this little taster is enough for the next couple of days....Oh....and apparently the UK id going to have a heatwave...then again I've heard that one before so I will keep you informed on that!!



  1. I can relate to the busy thing. It was raining here all day long so I thought for sure I would get caught up with things. Didn't work out that way though, plans changed. I did some errands, unexpected visitors, tried to sneak in some crafting, you know the
    At least you've accomplished something I didn't get much done at all.
    I wanted to tell you that the saying you left on my blog for Duke's picture was awesome. Thanks for stopping by, it's always good to see you

  2. Your allotment looks great, unlike my weedy plot. How I'd love a tiller, it must really help. The weather is warming up here so perhaps the forcasters have got it right this time, I'm going to head off to the allotment soon.

  3. Honestly, I think the less time we have to blog works out as everyone also has less time for reading.

    I'm looking forward to the picture update. :)

  4. When it comes to the tiller I could do with the help from the family. Enjoy it while it's there!

    Your toms are way ahead of the game! (Just as well I didn't challenge you on them!)

  5. That looks like a lot of work, but very rewarding. I admire you for being able to keep up with all of it.

  6. 11 comments on my blog, you sure are on a blog tangent :D haha. Nice to see you are employing the children, train them up young and you'll have them enslaved into the plot for life. Looks like with all the promises of your crops, you'll be needing one of my bushels! (blog update 26th/06).

  7. You got all those planted out? I'm impressed!
    It all looks good at your plot.

  8. I was just about to comment on the lack of weeds too! How do you keep on top of them?

  9. Hey all...thanks for still coming by even though I have been so erratic with my posts all keep commenting in the lack of weeds...I just don't see it though...maybe I just photograph the un-weedy areas...honestly there are weeds about...but I'm glad you all think there aren't too many...doesn't make me feel quite as

    Mal..thanks for the Tom's comment....I wish we had gone with celeriac is a poor show...I just ate a red tomato off the plot the other day..YUMMYY!!!!!

    I don't really know what I do about the weeds...I'm a bit of a neat friend thinks I am OCD about cleanliness and neatness...maybe I just take that to the plot and that's why although you all don't think it's weedy I do...Anyway I guess I spend a couple of hours a week weeding...i find it relaxing and I guess it's a good way for me to wind down after a hectic week.


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