Saturday 16 July 2011

I went to the allotment...and worked!!!!!

Well here I am again with another post.....just a short picture post which I should have put up yesterday and didn't have the time to.

Got quite a bit of work done on the allotment with the help of my Son yesterday so a lot of jobs were accomplished in a short space of time. The rest of the broad beans were picked and the plants and weeds cleared from this area ready for the rest of the main crop potatoes to go in.

pond area
The pond is doing nicely and the flowers are blooming ans attracting lots of wildlife.

the weeds winning
Behind the shed has gotten a little neglected and I thought I would take a shot of it before I clear it just so you can see how weedy my allotment can get at times!!

cleared and ready for potatoes
I got the peaes all cleared out of the ground...there were a few pods but nothing worth eating so I am going to hopefully sow some more within the next week.

cleared and ready for more peas
Above is the ground where the garlic and broad beans were...this is now ready to have potatoes planted in it.

first early rocket potatoes
This is the rest of the first early potatoes that I dug up.....these variety was rocket. I still have three rows of second earlies in which I have yet to start digging up.

broad beans, garlic, tomatoes, red onions, white onions and peas
And Finally this is everything else I harvested yesterday....not a massive haul I know but I am quite impressed with what I have got.

As you can see the peas aren't great...i am thinking of soaking and sowing them again now...does anyone know if this will turn out OK or do they have to be dried first?

Also as you can see i have a huge bag of garlic...does anyone have any preserving tips??


Wednesday 13 July 2011

Lets take a tour near the Greenhouse!!

Well I promised you a good luck around the plot so I thought we would strat with the greenhouse are...why here you ask?? Simply because it is the tidiest bit of the allotment and I am hoping to get work done before I have to show photos of the rest which i am quite ashamed of at the minute!!


Well this is each side of the gravel with it's you can see a few are currently empty due to having been harvested and I will hopefully be sowing something in these over the weekend...not sure what yet though so if you have any weird and wonderful suggestion I would love to hear them!

tomato plantsripe tomatoes

The tomato plants in the greenhouse are trying to break through I think...They have done really well and have already given us plenty of beautiful fruit to eat.

conference pearbramley apple

The conference pear has produced plenty of fruit this year which I am quite excited about as it is only in it's second year. The Bramley apple has produced one fruit and the other trees just look pretty!!

lettuce bed

This was originally going to be an asparagus bed but I killed the asparagus before I even go it in the ground so it has become a lettuce bed. I think I am going to stick with it as a lettuce bed too as it is out of the way yet easily harvest-able!

Above...celeriac...below..celery. The celery is doing great...the celeriac not so much...think I will be still waiting for it to do something miraculous next year.. :-(

And finally...I found this little critter resting on my chilli pepper plants...he is a little blurry as he was flapping his wings ten to the dozen...then he flew away...just hope i don't have eggs in the greenhouse.. :-{

So that's today's tour over...hope you enjoyed the pics...I will be back again in a couple of days with some more!!


Tuesday 12 July 2011

I'm still around...and so is the allotment!! this is probably going to be the worst post on an allotment blog in history and I have no great excuses for my absence except for the usual mundane I have gone about continually just lately which is life. Don't get me is great....just extremely hectic but I am convinced that all that is about to change and I am about to get some semblance of control back!!

To be honest I don't know why I haven't had the time to sit and write for my blog....I have been spending time on the allotment so it's not the lack of anything to write.....just the lack of sitting at the computer.

Anyway...stuff is doing quite well if you ignore the fact that I attempted to grow peas this year.......Fishing season is back so I am off doing that at least once a week now too.....oh and I am very proud of my sweetcorn!!

All these n
otations and many more will be backed up this week with some pictures and I did get to sit down this morning and catch up with all the blogs I follow too.

The weather here has been changeable with temps ranging between 18 and 32 degrees. Lots of areas have had flash flooding but not us...although we have had some nice rainfall ov
er the last couple of weeks.

The humidity levels are as usual through the roof....oh how I love the British weather!!'s a few pics to share to keep you interested and I will be back tomorrow with more to tell....I figure a short post each day rather than a mammoth lecture the length of a book is the best way to go forward right now....enjoy the pics!!

stormy skies
Stormy skies last Thursday evening whilst out fishing.

first tench
A beautiful clear Saturday...and the first tench my Nephew has caught solo.

the enormous radish
Errmmmm....well we've all heard about the enormous it's the turn of the radish...this was the only one that grew...the rest were all top...then this enormous thing showed up in the middle. We haven't tried any yet!!