Saturday 16 July 2011

I went to the allotment...and worked!!!!!

Well here I am again with another post.....just a short picture post which I should have put up yesterday and didn't have the time to.

Got quite a bit of work done on the allotment with the help of my Son yesterday so a lot of jobs were accomplished in a short space of time. The rest of the broad beans were picked and the plants and weeds cleared from this area ready for the rest of the main crop potatoes to go in.

pond area
The pond is doing nicely and the flowers are blooming ans attracting lots of wildlife.

the weeds winning
Behind the shed has gotten a little neglected and I thought I would take a shot of it before I clear it just so you can see how weedy my allotment can get at times!!

cleared and ready for potatoes
I got the peaes all cleared out of the ground...there were a few pods but nothing worth eating so I am going to hopefully sow some more within the next week.

cleared and ready for more peas
Above is the ground where the garlic and broad beans were...this is now ready to have potatoes planted in it.

first early rocket potatoes
This is the rest of the first early potatoes that I dug up.....these variety was rocket. I still have three rows of second earlies in which I have yet to start digging up.

broad beans, garlic, tomatoes, red onions, white onions and peas
And Finally this is everything else I harvested yesterday....not a massive haul I know but I am quite impressed with what I have got.

As you can see the peas aren't great...i am thinking of soaking and sowing them again now...does anyone know if this will turn out OK or do they have to be dried first?

Also as you can see i have a huge bag of garlic...does anyone have any preserving tips??



  1. Potatoes are one thing I don't remember my dad ever planting when I was a kid, but I'm sure he did. I do remember picking peas and green beans. I'm sure there must have been potatoes.

  2. My peas have done really well this year, I did a second sowing and they'll be ready to harvest soon. I've already frozen some from the first sowing and there's more to pick yet. We don't use much garlic in cooking so I never grow it.

  3. Everything looks great Tanya. Thanks for the tip about my tomato plants. I should have known that since my dad always did that to his.

  4. When I have enough garlic (which isn't this year) I just make a garlic string and hang it up somewhere dry. Otherwise you can freeze crushed garlic. Don't try preserving it in oil as you can end up with food poisoning

  5. You must be crazy busy this month, Tanya. Hope everything is still growing well.


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