Wednesday 13 July 2011

Lets take a tour near the Greenhouse!!

Well I promised you a good luck around the plot so I thought we would strat with the greenhouse are...why here you ask?? Simply because it is the tidiest bit of the allotment and I am hoping to get work done before I have to show photos of the rest which i am quite ashamed of at the minute!!


Well this is each side of the gravel with it's you can see a few are currently empty due to having been harvested and I will hopefully be sowing something in these over the weekend...not sure what yet though so if you have any weird and wonderful suggestion I would love to hear them!

tomato plantsripe tomatoes

The tomato plants in the greenhouse are trying to break through I think...They have done really well and have already given us plenty of beautiful fruit to eat.

conference pearbramley apple

The conference pear has produced plenty of fruit this year which I am quite excited about as it is only in it's second year. The Bramley apple has produced one fruit and the other trees just look pretty!!

lettuce bed

This was originally going to be an asparagus bed but I killed the asparagus before I even go it in the ground so it has become a lettuce bed. I think I am going to stick with it as a lettuce bed too as it is out of the way yet easily harvest-able!

Above...celeriac...below..celery. The celery is doing great...the celeriac not so much...think I will be still waiting for it to do something miraculous next year.. :-(

And finally...I found this little critter resting on my chilli pepper plants...he is a little blurry as he was flapping his wings ten to the dozen...then he flew away...just hope i don't have eggs in the greenhouse.. :-{

So that's today's tour over...hope you enjoyed the pics...I will be back again in a couple of days with some more!!



  1. You have a lovely area round and about your greenhouse, it all looks so tidy with the gravel and paving down. There's no sign of my tomatoes ripening yet, I can't wait to taste the first fruit of the year. I've just resown stumpy round carrots and spring onions in a couple of my containers, I hope there's enough time left for them to grow.

  2. It looks like things are progressing nicely.

  3. I'm always amazed at how neat you keep everything! Please keep us informed on what you plant.

  4. That area wouldn't be out of place in any garden. Was the little critter some sort of moth? No ripe tomatoes yet for us either.
    I guess you have already planted spring onions in a tub and stumpy late carrots. (Can't remember whether it was you that said they had already planted theses.

  5. Everything looks fantastic. I've never heard of celeriac before.
    I'm trying to do a little catch up today with blogs since I took the other day off from reading. Thanks for your wonderful comments over on my blog. They are always very much appreciated

  6. Jo, I do love my greenhouse area...the logs have become my little stools and it is such a calm place to sit and have a cuppa and a rest.

    Thanks Emma.

    tpals...i don't always keep everything neat...I am just strategic with the

    I kind of look after my allotment in the same way i do my allotment Hubby is always saying to me that I don't have it set up like an allotment but I actually did this for convenience and ease.

    Thanks Ann...I hadn't heard of celeriac until last year either...and I'm still having no luck growing

  7. How I wish I had an allotment too! Lovely produce you have there!


keep it clean...keep it relevant...I look forward to reading your comments!!