Friday 19 August 2011

Beetroot Blues.

No allotment activity today as I have been majorly busy but like I said I have lots to tell you and have been keeping up with the photos in my absence so today is the day of the beetroot!!

I have grown beetroot for the last two years and the seeds I have always planted have been boltardy and I have always had an excellent germination rate and lovely healthy veg to harvest at the end.

This year however I decided I would go for some of the different beetroot. I kept seeing the golden coloured beetroot and the stripey type in the seed catalogues and the shops so I decided I would give them a go.

I can't remember the names of the seeds and I didn't write them down but I have to say I'm not overly impressed. Germination rate wasn't good and the vegetables haven't grown to the size I have become accustomed to....however that isn't the most disappointing thing about the's the colour!!

Although when harvested they look lovely and vibrant once coked the purple lacks the deep luster of the boltardy, the pink and white just blends together to give a very pale colour and the golden yellow represents more of a dirty brown. the taste is fine....just like the boltardy beetroot really but the colour is a little off putting and doesn't look so enticing on the plate.

roasted beetroot
The cooked beetroot.

I'm glad I decided to give them a go but next year I think I will go back to the boltardy and stick with that from now on!!

I slow roast my beetroot in the oven on a low heat until it slices like butter...totally divine!!



  1. good to see you back at the computer Tanya. I'm doing some catching up myself today. Sounds like you have been very busy this summer. I've never tried beetroot but I have to say that after looking at the picture I don't know that I want

  2. I'm always playing with the idea of trying to grow some of the others as well - but deep red beetroot really looks the best, doesn't it? Have you noticed any difference in flavour between the three?

  3. Did you boil the colours together as that could be the reason for the dirty brown yellow? The red 'dye' from the red roots will have stained it. As for the stripy ones - we were disappointed when we grew these too as the same happens there - the red stripes stain the white stripes. We grow white roots too.

  4. I've only ever grown Boltardy. I must admit that the other varieties don't look very appetising once cooked. I never got round to sowing my beetroot seeds last year so I've made up for it this year, I've got loads, and there's only me in our house who likes it. I cook it exactly the same way as you do.

  5. Anne...Beetroot is an acquired but lovely should definitely give it a try...maybe stick to the deep purple one though.

    Tanya @ Lovely Greens...I haven't really noticed any difference in the taste of the beetroot which is why i have decided i will stick to what is more pleasing to the eye from now on.

    Sue....I roasted the beetroot in the oven with the skins still on. Maybe boiling would make the beetroot a more vibrant yellow and although I don't like it so much cooked this way i may try it to see. can never have too much beetroot. My son doesn't like it either but i have grated it in my shepherds pie before and other dishes too and he ate it without realising...maybe you should give it a go?!?!


  6. This may be a silly question, but did you peel them before you boiled them? I did that with some of mine recently and they lost most of their colour - then I remembered you are supposed to leave the skins on when boiling then peel them afterwards.

  7. like I said in my post and in the comments above Mark...the beetroot was roasted in the oven with the skins on.Like I said in my post and in the comments ab


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