Tuesday 23 August 2011

I don't 'gnome' what to do?!?!

Well I fully intended on visiting the allotment today and then writing a post about harvesting my sweetcorn. That didn't quite go as planned though so I have just pulled a post out of my head as I thought it would be nice to see what you think about this thing I think I might want to do!!

sheep and dog gnome
Sheep and dog.

You see in my kitchen on top of the cabinets I have some 'ornaments'. At least a few of them are but then I wanted some more animals to add to the collection and the ones that fit what i wanted are actually garden ornaments...or gnomes if you like even though they are different animals

cat cow and pig gnome
Cat, cow and pig.

I do love my animals and think they give a bit of character to my kitchen which I like to keep unfussy and basic for ease of cleaning and hygiene reasons. However there are the times when i have to get them down and wash them so I am wondering whether they should maybe go into the garden or if they would even make a nice addition to the allotment...or would I miss them too much if i moved them from my kitchen after such a long time?? They have been residents of the house for about 8 years now...So basically I'm asking you all what you think....or how maybe you would feel about moving them...just a little insight to others thoughts might help me make a final decision. These aren't the only ones i have...I also have two ducks and three chickens but these aren't outdoor ornaments so would have to stay where they are...which is another things that is making me ponder what to do....please help!!



  1. I like stuff like this in the house. I've even had a few regular garden gnomes in the house at times.

  2. Must admit to not being a fan of gnomes in gardens. Wouldn't they go walkies at the allotment. I'd keep them in the kitchen as they look more 'appropriate' there.

  3. Unless you don't care what happens to them, don't put them in the allotment. If you want a break from cleaning them or just a change of decor, put them away for awhile.

    I think they are cute.

  4. They are cute ... I would rather let them stay inside the house.

  5. So the consensus seems to be leave them where they are...thanks all for helping me make a final decision...staying in the kitchen they will be...I'm thinking i want to find a horse to go with them now!! :-)

  6. What a cool idea. I never thought of using garden ornaments in my kitchen. I have bird houses all along the top of my cupboards. they've been there for years. I've often thought about changing them but I'm so used to them I think I would miss them. Now I'm thinking though that I want garden ornaments...lol


keep it clean...keep it relevant...I look forward to reading your comments!!