Monday 22 August 2011

Some Allotment pictures to look at.

I'm quite tired after a busy day so here are some pics for you to have a look at today.

frenc climbing beansbabycorn

French beans and baby corn.

rainbow chard and spinach beetturnips and swede

Rainbow Chard, spinach beet, turnips, swede and carrots.

selection of fruit and cegetables harvested

One of the first harvests.

The above were all taken about 4 weeks ago so you can imagine how much harvest I have had since then.....the babycorn has been delicious and the dwarf beans have been plentiful this year and I have been freezing plenty for the winter.

See you all tomorrow.



  1. Everything looks fabulous on this and your last post. How wonderful to have all that fresh produce available. That picture in your last post with the wasps on the pear reminded me of how my yard gets sometimes. I have a pear tree that only produces very small and not very good pears and the wasps love them

  2. Your garder looks gorgeous. We have no luck with your garden this year. The tomatoes were cracking and not lots of beans too.


  3. Corn is another of our crops to not do well this year. I think lack of water and cool night temperatures have caused us problems. Enjoy yours and think of those of us cornless!

  4. Wow you had ripe tomatoes and corn 4 weeks ago. I'm dead jealous.

    ...Im looking around for the celeriac in your pictures ;>)

  5. I've started freezing some things ready for autumn and winter, it's so nice to still be eating our own produce through the colder months.

  6. Great pictures! Now, get your rest. :)

  7. Ann..thanks...wasps are one of my pet hates...but I still left them the pear!

    Mhar's Display... thanks for stopping by. Sorry your garden isn't doing s great this year....not all of mine has been a success either...I sowed my beans three times before they survived and produced.

    Sue...really sorry to hear about your is one of my favourites from the allotment so I would hate it if I didn't have any!!

    Mal...glad your jealous about something...because it certainly won't be celeriac!! :-(

    Jo...I love to get veggies out of the freezer and think...this is mine and it's going to taste great!

    tpals...not much rest this week....but very soon!! :-)


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