Thursday 18 August 2011

Thursady Forecast...weeks 26-32...yeah it's another catch up!!

raint days
Rainy Days!!

So here I am...after quite a long time of not being on the computer at all and so I hope you haven't all abandoned me.

The weather has been the typical British summer over the past few weeks though we haven't had as much rain as usual when it has come it has been major downpours which have soaked you thorough to the skin almost immediately.

The heat side of things has been up and down too...clothes can change from shorts and strappy tops to jeans and jumpers on a daily basis.

So basically then nothing new on the weather front!!

I have been really busy with home, work and the allotment which is why i haven't managed to sit down at the computer of late but routine is starting to settle in now and although I haven't posted lately I have been taking photos and so over the next few days will be updating you on whats been going on.

Right now though I am going to leave you with this and spend a little time catching up and commenting on some of my favourite blogs.

I promise I will be back tomorrow with pictures!!



  1. Sometimes a good break from the computer is a good thing.

  2. I know it makes it hard to work your garden when it rains but you do need the moisture. I personally love rainy days.

  3. My garden could definitely use the rain (hopefully not this weekend though - we're camping) look forward to seeing photos!

  4. A computer sabbatical can be refreshing. No soaking to the skin here or even soaking anything - it's weird how we are missing out

  5. Although the sun hasn't been shining much, I've still found it to be very warm. Hope it's lots of fun things which has been keeping you from the computer.

  6. So glad you haven't all abandoned me in my long absence.

    Ratty...your right, sometimes a break is good....I just prefer when I decide to take a break and not just because i don't get the time.

    I love rainy days too Emma...i don't even mind being outside in them...except when I get caught short with out my coat!!

    allot of veg...hope you get plenty of rain...after the weekend of course!

    Sue...I'm sure you'll get some rain...eventually.

    Jo...unfortunately new job and meetings and appointments were my absence reasons...if only it were more fun than that!!


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