Wednesday 24 August 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 33....24/08/11

Well we had severe weather warnings issued for Monday/Tuesday for heavy rain and flash floods...we got a little sprinkling of rain and that was our lot!!

It's been quite a nice week. Not too windy and temperatures in the late teens and low twenties. Often the days have been cloudy but i don't mind this too much.

We really could do with a couple of days of decent rain for the gardens but we aren't at the desperation stage yet.

I can't believe how quickly the nights are drawing in...sun is now setting about 8:45pm.

Hope everyone else is getting some nice summer weather too.


  1. We're desperate! We did have some rain overnight though!

  2. We've been getting rain on and off, mostly at night. It's made a world of difference in how my garden is growing.


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