Tuesday 20 September 2011

The quickest allotment post EVER!!!

I feel bad as I still have got my head into gear and myself sorted int0o a routine yet so my blog is suffering.

I promise I will get sorted by the end of the week though and catch up with you all and get myself organised...up till then here is a little progress!!

So this was as far as we got the first weekend...a huge improvement and then we moved on to the other half last Saturday.

As you can see it was just as bad ...

A little help goes a long way though...we even found a healthy looking carrot row!!

The pond area also got sorted...again no finished product pictures but we got on quite well but not quite getting it all done.

I went visiting neighbours to get rid of some of the weeds!!

Whilst we were doing this the inspector came round looking at peoples allotments...hopefully the fact that I was there doing something about it means I won't get a letter!! :-{

That's it for now...at least you didn't get the chance to get bored whilst reading..lol.



  1. Blimey, if you think your allotment's bad you should see mine. I'm sure the allotment inspector is pleased with how you've got your plot.

  2. it won't be long before the colder weather hits and then maybe you'll have to time to get all caught up with things. It looks like you made great progress

  3. Ann...if only it were that simple...the colder weather comes and still the weeds grow :-(

    Jo, thanks for the vote of confidence...hope you're right about the inspector!!


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