Thursday 22 September 2011

Thursday forecast.....22/09/11...week 37...I think?!?!

Well I am in from work and homework has been completed so the last thing I really want to do is sit here and right a post so it's going to be another quick one.

The weather is pretty much what you can expect this time of you...low blinding sun with a chill to the air.

We've had some heavy rain but only briefly.

We did suffer with some horrific winds last week but these have thankfully past us by without causing damage and so we are back to normal for a while.

I will be getting down the allotment for a time again over the weekend and getting some cooking done too so I will have lots to tell and also whilst my pans are bubbling away I am hoping to find some time to catch up with all my favourite blogs.

The days are quickly getting shorter and it won't be long now before we move the clocks!!



  1. It's quite cold here at the moment, I think all hope of an Indian summer has passed us by.

  2. It's really starting to get cold here now especially in the evening. Leaves are already starting to change as well. Fall is definitely upon us

  3. Oh dear moving clocks means it gets dark earlier and I hate that!

  4. I believe you cooking something nice. Glad to hear from you again Tanya :)

  5. Thanks all fro your comments...we are supposed to be getting a mini heatwave this week with temperatures getting into the high would be nice but I won't hold my breath!!


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