Sunday 11 September 2011

Two weeks off the allotment...and a lifetime of weeds grew!! :-(

Hi All....yes I am back. Well OK I have to admit that I have been back at home for a week now but with all the usual stuff to contend with when you get back form a holiday plus new jobs starting and college term beginning I just haven't managed to get down the allotment so had nothing to report!!

I have been up the allotment a couple of times over the last week...but only for watering and I
closed my eyes and mind off to all the weeds that had
grown in my absence...but this weekend I was on a mission and so i got myself. (and a couple of helpers!!) down the allotment and worked!

Well above and below you can see what sort of mes I was in. This is just half of the plot but I can assure you the other doesn't look any better. Personally I think one photo would have done but my son was playing with the camera. See and all my readers though I had such a tidy plot!!

So you can see how much work I had on. Anyway we all worked really son and nephew helped out for a couple of hours with the weeding too which I was very grateful for. The onions got lifted, the rest of the new potatoes dug, all the weeding done...the squash plants tamed and the carrots found. I also sorted out the tubs on the gravel and pulled the weeds in that area too...all in all an excellent day!!

blackberry bramble
Above is one of the blackberry brambles I's going wild near the greenhouse so I think I will dig it up and put it near the fence at the top end of the plot behind the shed and pond...that way it won't matter what it does....what do you think??

around the greenhouse
Above again is my son taking photos...anyway this is me with the chair of the committee who came to had a chat with me about a recent bout of thefts and vandalism....the police came up to talk to her but I don't see us getting much joy from them.

So that's about all I have for now.....I fully intended on getting some 'after' photos for you but it was that dark when I finished they didn't turn out very well but I can tell you that I am much happier than I was yesterday morning...even if a little achy! I will go up the plot at some point today but purely to harvest...I think a few days rest is on order before I tackle the other side.



  1. Now it has started to rain a bit here no doubt our weeds will also grow.
    I'd definitely plant the blackberry along a fence and let it wander.

  2. It happens to us all - well done with the weeding :)

  3. Bloomin' weeds, when I went up to my shared plot after a couple of weeks they were everywhere, never quite have got on top of them since!

  4. I had so many weeds after I'd been on holiday that you couldn't see any plants. It's good that you've got a couple of helpers to give you a hand, they're worth their weight in gold.

  5. It's amazing how those weeds can shoot off when you are busy doing other things.

  6. If only veggies grew like weeds... I am starting to eat quite a few weeds now, I found that to be a good solution :-).
    Lovely blog, I am following you, even if I am gardening upside down.


  7. The land there must be pretty fertile for the weeds to grow that fast. Good thing you got your 'army' to help you tidy up the garden.

  8. Alas..we will never beat the weeds...I do wonder why they grow so well....although the chard and the spinach beet having given the weeds a run for their money and acted as a great suppressor!! Maybe I should plant closer together??

    Thanks all for stopping by and leaving your's good to know you're all still about!


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