Wednesday 28 September 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...28/09/11.......week 38

Well the weather man really came through this time...the weather is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! It was 23 degrees today in the shade with a lovely warm breeze and clear blue gives this to keep up until at least the weekend so I am very happy!!!

clear September skyCheck out that September sky!

The nights have been quite damp which means we are getting up to a lovely fresh aroma.

Sunrise is getting late now and today it was gone half six when it came up and it was setting by 7pm so I will be enjoying this nice weather whilst it lasts.

Not much allotment activity for me this last week but with the lovely weather I did go and collect some salad stuff today for a lovely fresh dinner.
Hope the weather is being as kind to you.

a plate of salad just harvested from the allotment
A wonderful fresh dinner...though I have to admit to buying the ham from the butchers...but everything else is off the allotment!!



  1. We've been having some nice warm days but today is was a bit cool and i think it's the start of some rainy weather

  2. A salad is just the thing when the sun is shining as it is. Such a blue sky, amazing.


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