Monday 31 October 2011

Allotment work recommences ......

Well we are back from our few days away and I finally got to spend a few hours down the allotment.

The time was mainly spent sorting out the tomato plants....clearing some rubbish away...weeding (what a surprise!!) and sorting the compost heap. I did get a little harvesting done though.

butternut squash
Butternut squash.

I wasn't there long but the weather was still and quite warm so it was quite enjoyable. I didn't get the potatoes dug up but hopefully I can fit that in this week.

Life should calm down now a all house projects and visits from and to friends are finished for the year which means I can get back into least that's the plan!!

A bucket full of tomatoes.

Things seems to have run away from me this year and I am hoping that next season will be a lot more settled so that I can really stay on top of things.


The worst thing now is that the clocks have moved so by 5pm we are losing light and that is the day does mean I get cleaned up earlier though....guess you always have to look at the bright side of things too.

So hopefully in the next couple of days I will be giving more updates with some photos of the allotment too.



  1. Your butternut squash look great. I had a go at growing them this year, but the fruit didn't grow very big. Hope you have better luck with your potatoes than I have, there was hardly anything underneath the plants when I dug them up.

  2. It does spoil things when it gets dark early - less exercise = more likely to put on weight!

  3. those tomatoes look so good. We change our clocks this Sunday, I hate it when it's getting dark so early.

  4. I now finally have something in common with you and your allotment. I've been eating butternut squash that my dad planted. And my new neighbor and I are planning on planting some things together next spring. I've always wanted to be able to do this.


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