Saturday 8 October 2011

A little visit to the allotment and a quick weather update!!

Well I have friends visiting at the minute so not much activity going on down the allotment but I did take them round for a quick look and we harvested a few bits!!

big beetroot harvest
We harvested some very large cooked up just lovely though!!

enjoying picking the raspberries
My self and JB eating some raspberries...he though it was great that we could pick and eat fruit straight off the bushes!!

Hanging out by the pond
Enjoying the view by the pond...not much wildlife around to see today though.

a stroll through the allotments.
Having a wander around the plot....we went to feed the horses and see what else was around!!

You should be impressed...that's three photo's I have put up and I am in every one!! It was nice showing my friends what I had been growing and JB loved every minute of harvesting the fruit and veg.

The weather has cooled down immensely and it seems Autumn has hit with a vengeance. The days and nights are chilly, we've had some fierce winds and today we've had drizzly rain all day. I think that is definitely it until the spring of 2012 for the warm weather so I will have to start digging out my winter warmers!!!

Hope the weather is a little better for all of you than it has been for me....not much into this cold stuff!!



  1. Wow, You must be proud, that's some beetrooot

    Now if your celeriac were half that size...

    ps I spy a serious polytunnel or two in the background.

  2. What a treat to be able to pick those berries right off the bush and eat them. That beetroot is huge.
    We had some of that cold rainy weather here a week ago and today it's absolutely beautiful. The sun has been shining all day

  3. Those beetroot are enormous. I regret not getting the allotment when my kids were small, I think growing your own is so beneficial when you've got littlies, not only in giving them top notch food but also all the things that they can learn from the experience.

  4. The weather was wonderful down here last Sunday pushing 30 degrees now, a week later, grey and overcast and much colder. An apple picking day I think!

  5. So where are you in the first photo Tanya?

    The weather has turned nasty here too with strong winds and even some rain. It's been cold too but then we have lovely bits in between all that.

  6. Excellent photos, Tanya! Seems Eva, Mattias and JB are having a real good time over there.
    Bengt, Anne-Charlotte, and Åke in Sweden

  7. That beetroot are huge!
    You living a very relaxing life there Tanya.
    I wished I can eat fruits directly from the bushes like JB.

  8. Mal....thanks for the beetroot comment...the celeraic was a no show...tell you more about it in another post!'s got to the time of year where I stop to appreciate every ray of sunshine that breaks through!

    Jo, I love sharing the allotment with the children....they have learnt so much about how things grow and where the food comes from...though it does make me wonder about what they actually do all day at school?!?!'s that time of year again where we don't plan activities until you've looked out the window!!

    Sue...I didn't realise I had uploaded 4 photos

    Bengt, Lotte, Ake, Thanks so much for visiting and seeing how JB liked the allotment...he was very happy with trying all the fruit and vegetables!!

    VanillaSeven....Life looks relaxing in the pictures I know....but in reality you are racing against harvest times and battling with the elements...I wouldn't change it for the world but everything has it's ups and downs.

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