Wednesday 26 October 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday.....26/10/11.......week 42

Well I don't have any allotment news for you but I thought it was about time I did a weather update which I have been seriously lacking with!!

The weather has been pretty typical for October....days are
shortening rapidly and with the clocks moving this weekend nights will suddenly come VERY quickly.

Temperatures haven't been too bad when the sun has come out....but on overcast days there has been quite a chill to the air and we have already
had a few light frosts.

Not much rain...but a few strong winds have been coming through lowering the temperature even more...I must say already I am longing for spring as I watch the trees lose their leaves and the gardens start to die back ready for the dormant months of winter.

wasps nest
A wasps nest.

On a happier note the bathroom is finished and I am
very pleased with it....I have had some time off this week but it has been taken up putting the house back to rights and tomorrow we go to stay with friends for a couple of days so it will be the weekend before I can even think about getting to the allotment...and there I will be, come rain or shine so watch this space for some updates!!

wasps nest
It broke as we trimmed up the hedge.

Got some gardening done today and whilst tidying up a hedge came across a wasps nest...luckily it was an old one with no inhabitants...but it was kind of cool to see it up close so I hope you enjoy the photos.

wasps nest
It was kind of a cool to get a good look inside, we could even see some old 'egg sacks' that the wasps had hatched out of.

Will catch up with all my favourite blogs at the weekend too...sorry I have been so absent, (wow I seem to have said that a lot this year!) But that should be it now...all should calm down and get back to normal!!



  1. Wasps nest are fascinating. Looking at any woodwork in our garden you can see the scrape marks where the wasps have scarped away wood to make the paper for their nests. I've even heard a wasp rasping the wood!

    YOu may be interested in the page I have about wasps on my website here

  2. The weather keeps changing here. We had a lovely start to the week, but it's damp and miserable today. Lucky that there wasn't any wasps still in the nest, I've never seen one up close. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Definitely typical weather for October here also. I'm not looking forward to the weather that follows. They are predicting a rain snow mix for tonight.
    That is some huge wasps nest. Glad there wasn't anything living in that when you found it


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