Thursday 29 December 2011

Thursday's forecast...week 52.....29/12/11....and A belated Merry Christmas..and a early Happy New Year!!

Well I meant to write a Merry Christmas post to all me readers but with getting everything sorted and stuff Christmas came and went without me getting around to it. It was spent with family and close friends and was lovely and relaxed just the way I like it...hope you all had a great Christmas.

The weather has been horrible of late. Christmas Day was the third warmest on record in the U.K., still cold in my opinion at between 8 and 15 degrees but some people thought it was warm enough to have garden parties or go swimming in the sea...then come Summer they will yet again be complaining how cold it is when it doesn't get beyond the mid 20's...I just can't figure some people out!!

The weather has took a turn for the worse the last few days with gales of up to 70m.p.h. and driving rain...but I haven't let it spoil my Christmas...though I haven't visited the allotment either!

Yesterday morning as the sun rose the biggest flock of seagulls flew over...I live in the east midlands and the sight of so many sea birds usually portents bad weather so i will see what the next couple of weeks bring.

Tomorrow the winds are supposed to drop so i may go up the allotment for a little fresh air and do a bit of tidying up....but I won't feel bad if I don't make it...after all I am on holiday!!

So now I just want to wish all my readers a Happy New year and Best wishes for 2012, I know I am a little early but we have some plans..nothing huge but I may not get chance again to post before the new year so here it is....Hope you all enjoy your celebrations!



  1. A Happy New gardening year to you too Tanya - we too have had very windy wet weather and have stayed indoors!

  2. We've had high winds over the last couple of days, my worst kind of weather. All the best for 2012.

  3. Christmas really did seem to happen fast this year. I hope you had a good one. The weather where I live now has been unseasonably warm, but that's about to change.

  4. Christmas came and went in a flash. I'm glad to hear that you had an enjoyable one. Best wishes to you in the New Year and hopefully the bad weather will stay away

  5. Dear Tanya, Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed New Year!! Catherine

  6. All the very best to you Tanya and I hope you and your family have a great New Year.

  7. Dear Tanya, Wishing you a Blessed New Year! Catherine

  8. thank you all for your warm wishes...I hope you continue to visit and enjoy my blog throughout 2012.


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