Wednesday 21 December 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday.....21/12/11.......week 51.....and 'break in' news

So lets start with the weather....We have had some particularly cold and frosty nights this week and the cold has seeped into the days too.

Temperatures have ranged between 1 and 8 degrees during the day and -4 to 5 degrees at night.
The warmer days haven't given us much though as they have been dreary and dark and rainy...I think I prefer the cold and bright.

No snow to speak of...maybe half a dozen flakes and then it has turned to sleet or rain....still chance of a white Christmas yet though.

The winds have been mild at between 5 and 30 m.p.h.

So now for the break in. Well it wasn't so bad after all. The culprit actually broke into 5 sheds but stole nothing. All these sheds had locks on which had been cut clean through (presumably with bolt cutters.) But nothing in any of the sheds had been disturbed...not even my tiller. It's curious as to why they would do person said that they had done it in readiness to come back...but I think any thief with a brain would know that people would remove valuables if they had gotten broken into so I think that maybe they were disturbed. Needless to still naffed me off but I am glad that my tiller is still mine and it is now safely in the shed at home.

So not a bad ending to the story and I don't know if they will be back but I do know that from now on no matter what the weather my tiller will be coming home with me!!



  1. If they were disturbed they would probably have taken some things from the first sheds that they broke into as I can't see them going and cutting the locks first then going back. They were probably looking for something specific - maybe petrol or something.

    It's almost as bad when the locks are cut or doors broken to get in as you have to then repair everything. Is your window covered? I think at least if the low life can look inside and see ther is nothing to steal it's a start.

    Glad that your tiller was safe!

  2. I think that's just about the best news you could have had about the break in. I trust you won't be leaving any valuables in the shed from now on.

  3. That's a relief! I was worried for you.

  4. not much of a chance for a white Christmas here.
    Glad to hear that nothing was missing from the break in. Seems like a pretty senseless act to just cut locks

  5. maybe the culprits were looking for something specific that they didn't find. It's possible that they knew what they were looking for.

  6. Hello Tanya, sorry to hear the news about the vandalism. Its mindless. I too at Town Farm have had the gate lock cut off and the shed lock cut off and nothing stolen. I feel that someone is sleeping overnight in the shed as nothing has been stolen. I dont have anything yet worth stealing, but its not the point - its my allotment and no one else has the right to do this.
    All the very best for the new year Tanya and good luck with your land. - Dave

  7. Thanks all for your comments...

    Ratty, I never thought about them looking for something specific..but it could be that.

    Dave...sorry to hear you have had the same bad luck, my allotments are on the edge of my village and not lit at all so I don't think anyone is sleeping in there...but i could be wrong...though they would be lucky to stand in my shed with all the stuff in it...let alone sleep.


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