Monday 19 December 2011

Why do people do it??

Well just a quick few lines and none of them happy.

My Nephew was round today whilst I was at work and took a phone-call for me. Someone from the allotments letting me know my shed has been broken into.

I didn't get the message until I was on the way to the doctors...(flu my arm is stiff to boot!!)....and by the time I got home it was dark so I have no idea what the damage is or what has been taken but my Tiller was still in the shed as I hadn't got around to bringing it home. I just don't understand why people do it.

I'm going to take the night off reading and tomorrow I will post to let you know exactly what has been taken...and any damage that was caused...hope everyone else is having a better Monday than me.



  1. Some people are just plain no good. i used to try to imagine a justification for their bad deeds, but I've seen too man people that mean only harm.

  2. How awful. I can never understand why people have to be like that. How can they live with themselves.

  3. Sorry to hear this, Tanya. I can understand how upset you must feel, especially after all the work to get everything ship shape again after the fire. Hope there isn't too much damage and that the tiller's still there.

  4. The trouble is that it is so easy to sell things on at car boot sales - some people seem to see it as their job!

  5. I am so sorry to read this, but sadly when I had an allotment this was happening quite a bit. What can you say about some people, just selfish and greedy. I do hope for you that it doesn't bring you down so much,

  6. Thanks all for your kind comments....I guess most of us have been there or know of someone who has throughout our lives.


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