Sunday 26 February 2012

Allotment progress and produce in pictures!!

Well it's Sunday evening and everyone is tired...I have been busy down the allotment these last two weekends but as you all know I put my phone through the washing machine and unfortunately have not been able to retrieve the pictures off it so I took some more today and added a few extra.

I thought being the end of the weekend then a picture post would be nice...not so much to read and easy on the eyes!!

So here in no particular order is what I have been up too!!

root vegetables, beetrootroot vegetables, swede and turnip

I finally got around to digging up the swede and turnips...they weren't that great but that was my own fault for not thinning them out so it is one of my 'Must do' jobs for 2012. I also came across a few beetroot which are good and will get cooked up this weekend!!

fresh manureyear stood manuremanure ready to go on the heap

I told you in last weeks post how I had been playing with the manure heap....well above you can see new manure on the left...older moved to one side waiting for the potatoes on the left and then the manure waiting to go to the heap below...I got about two thirds of it moved last weekend and the rest will have to wait until I have prepared the land for the potatoes.

manure spread strawberry patchland dug over with manure ready for planting new vegetables

Above left is decided location for strawberries which I have spread and left with manure which will be dug in..well before the strawberries are planted! Right is the land where the manure has already been dug in waiting for the new crops.

leekscarrots and parsnips

Leeks, parsnips and carrots dug out today to be preserved by blanching and freezing so the land can be readied for more crops.

freshly dug soilold ceramic sink to become vegetable cleanerthe weeds of today

Above left is what I was digging over today and as you can see I till have a few leeks in the ground. Above right is an old fashioned ceramic sink which I was given. Actually I have two and I am going to build stand for them and have each one centre of my plots so I have somewhere to clean my veggies up before taking them home. Bottom is the weeds I dug out's not a post if I don't show you my weeds!!

new neigbours equals tidy allotment!!

And finally is the a picture of the plot next to me. Yes I have new allotment neighbours who are very nice and have worked very hard these last three weeks getting their new piece of land looking more like an allotment than an overgrown wasteland. You don't know what a relief it is to have neighbours who give a does seem so despairing knowing I won't have huge lots of seeds blowing over from a neighbouring plot this summer!!

So that's all I have for today but don't worry there is lots happening at the minute as the seasons are turning and it's busy, busy, busy and I will hopefully get some more posts written soon!!

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekends.



  1. That's what I call knuckling down! Leeks are a fantastic crop, especially at this time of year. Your Belfast sinks would make great raised beds. Blueberries? Herbs. Seems a waste to use them as .... sinks!

    1. I already have a herb bed Mal...and blueberries in tubs . I did have the chance of four originally and I was going to use two as raised beds but they had been filled with concrete at the bottom so had no drainage. I don't think it's a waste using them as is there purpose in life and it will be nice to be able to clean my veg up a little and save my kitchen at home!!

  2. Looks like a lot has been accomplished but it sounds like you still have a ton of work to do. Hope you find some time in there for relaxing too

    1. Having an allotment Ann there is always plenty to be done...some of the jobs so much nicer than others!!

      As for relaxing...I am getting good at finding a bit of 'me' time in my life, now I just have to fit some sleep!!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about neighbours as for years we had ungardened (is that a word?)plots to all three sides of ours!

    WE need to pull and freeze our parsnips and leeks too. Our swede were small too but we were late planting them!

  4. It doesn't look as though you're going to have a hungry gap this year, still plenty being harvested. What a great idea for the sinks.

  5. It lookslike you did a lot of work. I hope I can come even halfway close when I plant my vegetable gardenthis spring.

    1. I'm sure you'll do great Ratty. Just remember to do just as much as you want and get plenty of enjoyment out of it...don't let it become a chore!!

  6. Hi Tanya, Thanks for posting on my plot – I have been away for a while as the weather and the ground has not been any good to work. I cant wait to really get dug in, pardon the pun.
    I have been out today and got some early spuds and early onions – I am going to plant them even though the ground is not perfect – I may as well have something growing, it will encourage me to work the land more.

    You look like you are putting in a lot of work on your plot. Hope I get half as good a plot as you and I will be well happy.

    I hope you are well and everything is starting to look good for the better weather – take care.


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