Monday 13 February 2012

So what has been keeping me so busy this last week?!?!?!

Well's chickens!!!!!!

No I haven't gone and got myself any chickens but I have been helping out with some and thoroughly enjoying it. I get to do the good bits which is collecting the eggs and closing them up for the night.

cockerel and hens

A few of the hens roosting...and the cockerel.

hens in the rafters

Some prefer to be up in the rafters.

hens and duck
Can you spot the odd one out?

hen nesting boxes

Just few of the nest boxes they use.

They are kept in a lovely large area and have plenty of room to roam...oh and there eggs taste divine and are soooo deliciously yellow!!
I was going to take some photos of the field but it was too dark tonight for the camera to take good pictures outside so I will take some later in the week

Also, as of this week I am going to start a new weekly feature called 'Tuesday Tasters', yes they will always be about food. Sometimes just ways of preserving and harvesting but sometimes recipes and methods and stuff so there will be a whole range for me to cover in the topic, the only thing you can guarantee is that it will be something to do with food which I am hoping all my readers will enjoy.

Something different every least until I run out of ideas!!



  1. The chickens make me think of my dad. He always loved having farm animals around. Chickens were a favorite of his.

    1. I love seeing to the chickens...If I had enough land I would definitely get some of my own!!

  2. well that does sound like fun.
    Looking forward to your new Tuesday post

    1. It is fun...but also at the coldest point of the will get better as it gets warmer.

  3. What fun. I'd love chickens but I just don't have the time to devote to them at the moment. Looking forward to reading your new Tuesday posts.

    1. I am like that for time which is why i don't have my own chickens Jo...well that and space!

  4. I spot a chicken with a wide beak that I suspect can swim!

    We've looked after a fellow plotters chickens when he has gone on holiday. He has a very feisty cockerel that tends to attack people who go in to the pen but for some reason he was a pussy cat with us. It could have been me talking to him or the fact that I had a broom to keep him at bay if he got too close!

    1. Glad you spotted the duck Sue....She's quite a little character bless her!

      I think it might have been the broom Sue....luckily the cockerel I'm looking after is of a mild temperament!


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