Friday 9 March 2012

Friday Forecast....week 10....9/3/12

Well the weather has certainly been changeable this week.

We have seen daytime temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius and as high as 14 degrees Celsius.

Evenings have been as low as -2 degrees Celsius and as high as 10 degrees Celsius.

We have seen sun, cloud, rain sleet and snow.

We have had windy days and calm days and some days where the wind has blown itself in and out on an hourly basis!!!

All in all just a little bit weird...but living in the UK you kind of get used to that!!

Unfortunately we've had a few computer problems so I didn't get my Tuesday Taster posted this week and I am behind on reading some of my favourite blogs but I hope to get caught up over the weekend and also I hope the weather is a little more settled so I can get some time down the allotment too.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. we've had the same kind of weather here. It felt like spring the other day and then today it was snowing.

  2. Looking forward to a fine weekend!

  3. It's been changeable here too. It's a bit gusty at the moment.

  4. I hear you...windy enough to blow my planters off the porch, shorts one day, winter coat the next!!
    happy Sunday...a warm sunny beautiful Sunday!


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