Wednesday 4 April 2012

Tuesday Tasters...Homemade Yorkshire Puddings.(Recipe)

Well this was a fun one to do as usually I don't measure out my ingredients for Yorkshire puddings. I have a scoop for the flour and then everything else is just a dash of this and that , but, purely for this post I attempted to weigh and measure what I use.

I always make my own Yorkshire puddings and there are variations which can be done so this is my version and some variations are put in brackets for you too.


30g (1oz) Plain Flour
3 Tbs milk (any kind)
1 large Egg, (free range if possible!)
salt and pepper to taste.
Dash of water

oven dial on number nine
Set your oven to high and get it nice and hot.

fat ready for the hot oven
Pick your chosen pan and add your fat, I have used olive oil here but you can use stock from your meat or lard depending on taste. Put enough in to coat the bottom of your pan and put in the oven on the top shelf.
Yorkshire pudding ingredients
Add all of your ingredients into a bowl except the water and beat well.
Then add a splash of water to thin the mixture slightly and beat again.
pouring Yorkshire pudding ingredients
When your fat is VERY hot remove the pan from the oven and pour mixture into the pan. Make sure you shut the oven door whilst doing this to keep the heat in. Return pan to the oven on the top shelf and cook for about 20 minutes.

Home made Yorkshire puddings
VoilĂ ! Home made Yorkshire puddings!!

Serve in any way you wish and Enjoy.

This mixture make enough for about 6 small or two medium sized Yorkshire puddings. Obviously you can double the mixture if you wish to make more or are wanting to make bubble and squeak!!

So this is how I make my Yorkshire puddings. Quick, simple and tasty!!


  1. I don't weigh anything out either, it all works out ok, though I must admit to using Aunt Bessie's quite often these days, I'm getting lazy.

    1. Shame on you Jo. I have tried Aunt Bessies in the past...but I like mine a little soft in the middle and you never get that with ready made ones.

      I think sometimes going with the flow and creating your desired consistency is far better than following a recipe to the letter once you have got used to it. After a while my recipes end up with quite a few adaptations!!

  2. Now can you really call them Yorkshire Puddings when they are made out of Yorkshire? :)

    1. Lincolnshire Puddings just don't have the same ring to them Sue....maybe I should call them T.P.'s?!?! lol


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