Sunday 20 May 2012

Allotment, Weather, Birthday Presents and Freebies

So I missed the weather post...and I haven't posted in a while but to be honest not much has been happening.

 The weather has been cool and showery all week and then it started to rain for real Friday night and went all into Saturday which put paid to getting anything done down the allotment.

I had a birthday today...I was VERY YOUNG!! I also got some really nice gifts, one of those wa a seed storage box which means I have gone from storing seeds like this......

Bad way to store seeds
Not the best seed storage in the world..but it has worked to some extent for the last few years.

To storing them like this......

Seed storage with plenty of space
Now my seeds will be happy and I know exactly what I have.

I got more manure from my cousin today so I did take that up to the allotment and that is when I sorted out my seeds, I'm sure you can imagine that  I smelt delightful for my

Daily Mirrir free seeds

My free seeds from the Daily Mirror finally arrived so that was kind of exciting, I have also received some from 'Birdseye' which are in very cool packets.(although I now can't find the photos but I will be sure to take some more for you)...I have a few more codes to sort out for the 'Birdseye' seeds too. .

rare seeds, broccoli raab, radicchio

Two packets of the seeds I haevn't heard of before, Broccoli 'raab' and Radicchio so I will be looking forward to giving these a go. The rest are all seeds I am familiar with and I will probably be saving these for  sowing next year. Most of the seeds came from Fothergills but a few packets were from Suttons. I have used both before and been happy with their germination rate.

That's all for right now but I promise to catch up with all my favourite blogs over the next couple of days and hope to find some time to update you on what's going on in the greenhouse and what other 'gardeny' bits I got for my Birthday too.

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. 


  1. we got the mushroom soil today...planting tomorrow.
    I had not too good luck with broccoli..big bushes with little broccoli and the radicchio is easy to grow and delicious!! good luck!

    1. Well as the seeds were free Iwill give the broccoli a go...but after what you have told me I have a lot more hope for the radicchio..thanks.

  2. My birthday was last Thursday so we are almost twins but I guess a few years separates us! I was VERY VERY Young!

    1. I doubt any years separate us Happy Birthday for last week...did you get anything nice??

  3. Happy belated birthday, Tanya. I love your new seed box, I could certainly do with one of those myself.

    1. I love my seed box too Jo...I was a bit dubious about getting one but everything fits in it perfectly so I would definitely recommend this one if you decide to get one.

  4. Dear Tanya, Happy Birthday!
    I store my seeds the same way you did before you got that nice storage box for your birthday. That seed box is a good idea.
    Broccoli Raab is delicious and so is radicchio. Radicchio is expensive to buy and because of that I rarely if ever do, but I do like it.
    It is wonderful in a salad or sauteed with a little garlic and olive oil.
    I am sorry that I am behind in my visits. I never got to answer your question on the egg roll wraps. It would be nice to make your own, that is always better. I have never attempted it and don't have a recipe for that.
    The weather here is damp and rainy too. I suppose that is good for the garden.
    Many birthday wishes for you Tanya. Blessings dear. Catherine xoxo

    1. Thanks Catherine..I think this will be a much more organised way to store my seeds. Maybe you should give it a try??

      Glad to here my new veggies are going to taste I just have to pray for good germination...oh and find somewhere to plant them too.

      Don't worry about being behind on visiting...I am always playing catch up and

    2. Happy Birthday. That was the perfect gift for you.
      To answer your question about the plate border in my post, We were in a little town called Volant. It's full of cute little shops. Those were in the front yard of the antique store

    3. Thanks Ann...I was very happy with my gift.
      I think it was a lovely way to show off a plant border...people won't forget that shop in a hurry!!

  5. Happy Birthday, belatedly, Tany.

    My birthday is in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping for an incinerator.

  6. We certainly know how to celebrate with our choice of gifts don't we Mal....hope you get your incinerator


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