Saturday 16 June 2012

Freebies at the Door!!

Well you are all well aware of the 'drought' conditions we have been having...either because you live in the UK or because I have moaned about them on my blog.

Anyway when it all started Anglian water began something called 'Everybody drop 20', which was a way to inspire people to cut back on their water usage. This could be by showering for a couple of minutes less. Only washing a full load of clothes, fixing a leaky tap or using water butts.

There were lots of things you could enter for on the website and although I am in an area where the hosepipe ban lasted the longest I was in an area covered by any of them, however I could fill in the form to enter into a draw for a free water butt...and low and behold I actually won!!

I didn't receive any correspondence but a van pulled up outside my house the other day and they guy got a big water butt out the back for me and with it were connectors stand and tap!!

free water butt fron anglian water
My FREE water butt in place at the allotment.
I have put it up near the shed at the allotment and put the drain pipe into this one and than ran the connector into the blue butt which now gives me two on each side of the shed, of course once I had done this I then had to take some water from one of the other butts as again we have quite high winds and I didn't want it blowing over. I put 12 gallons from one butt into this one but I think it only has about 10 in as it was a while before I realised the tap wasn't in the off position.

So there was my nice surprise for the week...and with the weather we've been having I doubt it will take long to fill.

Stormy Skies heavy with rain.
Stormy Skies heavy with rain.
 And seen as you are all here having a read I just though I would share our skies with you so you can understand why I haven't done any real work at the allotment today!!


  1. Fantastic, I wish I were so lucky. It's been an on and off drizzle all day here, though my son has been off playing a cricket match and it hasn't been called off so they must have had some better weather where they were playing. He's not home yet to ask him.

    1. I pray for dry weather....just a day when I can get to the allotment and be productive!!

      I'm not this lucky very often so I was very happy.. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Doesn't happen often Craig so I thought I better flaunt it quick!

  3. If you are on low usage it's far harder to save isn't it? Maybe the water company should make more effort to store what we actually do get. It always amazes me that in countries with low rainfall they have sprinklers (or water cannons) in fields and to even water grassy roundabouts).
    Well done on the win! At this rate it will soon be full.

    1. That's just it Sue...we've had so much rain I haven't even had to contemplate re-filling my water butts this year...not like last year.

      I know what you mean about them not conserving water...I get that they want to water the crops...but do towns really need all those planters and flower beds in the middle of the road...sure it looks pretty but at what cost?!?!

  4. what a nice surprise. very useful too


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