Saturday 21 July 2012

Weather week 29 and quick allotment visits.

Well it has been a rush over the last couple of weeks and work and life has been hectic so altough I have managed to spend a few hours at the allotment I haven't had time to do any reading or writing.

Today I am rectifying all that and have just caught up woith all my favourite blogs and now I write a very quick post with a few pictures and hopefully tomorrow there woill be a lot more to see.

So the weather hasn't changed much over the last couple of weeks. Last weekend was dry for the most part and I did get a bit of time down the allotment to do some much needed weeding and tidying but then also had to get some time in the garden too.

Today has been warm and sunny and it is giving this for a few days now so I am really hoping to get things under control.

variety of lettuce seedlings

I have spent so much time weeding and tidying I still haven't pricked out the lettuce to there final growing place. Just another thing added to the list.
newly weeded and hoed land
 I spent a long time weeding and hoeing this piece of land. I filled a wheelie bin with weeds and still only found three carrots so have sown some more of them ans also some more turnips. Even my beetroot look sorry for themselves this year and so I have transplanted a few more to the plot...Hopefully they will grow.
flowering squash plants

The surprise squash plants have started to produce some flowers and the sweetcorn seems to be holding it's own if not growing very much.
weedy ground

I will be starting on this side over this weekend...I know it doesn't look too bad in this photo but I have to admit to being a bit picky on which bit I photographed!!
potatoes eaten away

 Any idea what is wrong with this?? I had 5 tubers of this variety and this is the only one left above ground. All the other potatoes are doing fin yet these seem to have succumbed to something...just not sure what. I will try digging them up to see if there is anything under the ground.

Everyone is battling with weeds and probably losing the fight..I am trying to tame the weeds and tidy up as I go along and below is what I managed to get done last weekend. I have done a little more since then but this is just a little taster for now.

Okay...hopefully back tomorrow with some much nicer and tidier photos and I will show you what I have been busy at getting sorted!


  1. We have one bed of potatoes that just disappeared. I weeded it today as it had become overgrown and we dug a smattering of potatoes. The plants just never seemed to get going at all but others in other parts of the plot are fine.

    1. Same is happening with me sue..maybe some just don't grow to well in the wetter weather.

  2. Dear Tanya, I look at my garden and it is not producing much. I am thinking may be it will all pop up in August.
    Time is not something that many of us have extra of. There is so many much going on.
    I hope your time in the garden is beautiful and fun. It is work from the heart.
    Please take care. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

    1. I don't think anyone's garden is producing a lot this year Catherine. But there is still time for us all to still get a plentiful harvest.

  3. well everything is looking good to me. It's been so dry around here that the only thing that grows well is the weeds.
    I can't say what's wrong with the last picture but it does look like something has been nibbling at it

    1. Is it funny..wet or dry and the weeds still thrive!!

      It doesn't look too bad Ann....just wish I was harvesting more!

  4. With these shoddy summers I swear we'll all end up growing turnips and spuds and not much else. That's great that the weather relented a bit and you were able to get up and get some work done though. Btw...I like your round lettuce 'seed trays'. Do you plant the seedlings out direct from the pots?

    1. Turnips??? You have turnips??? Not one of mine has germinated this year.. :-( I do have potatoes though.

      Yes Tanya...I plant the seedling direct to their final resting place from the round trays. I have no idea where they came from as they were given to me by a fact all of the pots around the greenhouse were given to me at one time or another.

  5. Our potatoes have come up now - better late than never. Like Tanya, we'll be eating turnips, spuds & sprouts till the cows come home (but she is just up the road from me)

    I haven't been able to grow any sort of bean this year, not even a pea.

    I'd suggest maybe mounding up your potatoes again & see if the plant will carry on growing, it'll be okay until the leaves start going black on yours or a neighbours plot, then cut the leaves off to the ground. We've left the potatoes in the ground for months afterwards without trouble before, but with all this rain, couldn't guarantee we're going to be okay with that plan this year.

    Good luck with your crops, and maybe start mentally planning next years to keep you busy (like I'm doing!)


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