Saturday 4 August 2012

A look around the allotment.

Well like I promised I have been and taken a few snapshots for you today. 

The morning started off fine and I got a bit of work done but as is typical it poured with rain this afternoon so the shots were taken after tea. It was quite heavy rain and I'm sure it will help the plants along a more reading just enjoy the pics!!

salad bowls, celeriac, onions, leeks, carrots, turnips, beetroot

This is a view from the greenhouse looking up over the root vegetable section. Growth isn't great this year but at least I have got the weeds under control!!
broad beans, selection of french beans, no pea and no mange-tout

The beans section including broad beans and a selection of french beans. Unfortunately no peas or mange-tout for us this year but the others are now cropping nicely.
molluscs sharing the cabbages.

Saw this cheeky critter having a feast on one of Kate's cabbage leaves. I didn't think she would be too happy so I removed it from the plant.
runner beans, squash plants, sweetcorn and babycorn

Sorry this is a little blurry...not sure what happened to the camera and then the batteries died so I couldn't re-take the shot...there are a couple more like it too. Anyway this is the squash, sweet and babycorn and also the runner beans.
pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers, gherkins, strawberries, raspberries

Another blurry one and another squash bed...also the strawberry bed in the background and the raspberry canes to the left going wild this year.
new potatoes, old potatoes, cabbage, brussels, purple sprouting broccolli, ruby chard.

Blurry spuds and brassicas!!
sweet peas

The owners of the allotment next to me have some lovely sweet peas growing up the side of their greenhouse.
pond wildlife natural

And finally the pond/wildlife area. This has really come on and filled out well this year and I love having this little bit of nature at the top end of my allotment

So that's all I have for very wet digging up my spuds and due to the heavy rain I ended up carrying most of the allotment along with me on my boots. Oh well, it's a good workout for the legs!


  1. Hey Tany,

    Pity about the blur - Can't tell whether you have a net over your brassicas yet....

    Sweetcorn, courgettes beans all looking really good. Fantastic!

    Which bit is the celeriac patch?

    BTW mine are fine - just inedible due to contamination. I do have several rejects back at home which I am now watering like hell.

    The elderflower champagne recipe is the one from River Cottage: (No need to add any yeast BTW)

    I can relate to your claggy boots. Have you thought about taking up pottery?

    1. No netting Mal...not sure I will get around to it now.

      I'm not so optimistic on my sweetcorn this year but fingers crossed.

      I will take a pic of the celeriac especially for you to see on the next post.

      Just your luck those contaminated celeriac will have lovely roots to dig this year...hope you can revive the ones at home.

      Thanks for the recipe.

      Pottery would be a good is a very 'clayey' soil, maybe I could make plant pots!! :-)

  2. It's all looking very spruced up and productive. No rain here yesterday it was a lovely day.

    1. I'm quite pleased with it now Sue...just wish it was producing a little bit more!

  3. It's all looking great. I'm hoping that the squash which was planted out before my holiday has taken ok, I shall have a trip down there this afternoon to see what's been happening whilst I've been away.

    1. Hope the trip showed you some nice squash plants Jo.

  4. I'd love a closer look at your wildlife area! Maybe as an upcoming blog post? :) What plants and features did you choose to include in this area?

    1. Perfect for the next post will find out more very soon!!

  5. It's been a while since I've seen mud at my house. It has been far to dry.
    Everything looks so nice and green

    1. I guess the lovely green shades are one of the benefits of having had so much rain. The problem with the UK is there is never any in's either drought or flood...apparently this can all happen in the same season of the same year


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