Friday 3 August 2012

Friday Forecast...week 31...03/08/12

Well I haven't spent so much time on the computer this week but that isn't due to being overly busy just more for me taking  little down time for myself. This also means I still have no pictures of the allotment for you but I will rectufy that tomorrow.

But this post is to be about the weather so here goes!!

Well it's been a particularly British week for the weather which summed up in one word is 'changeable'!!

stormy skies

As you can see I took some shots of the sky. Not so much blue in it this week but it hasn't been all bad all of the time. In fact we went a whole day today WITHOUT rain!!

fluffly clouds

Most days however we have seen some rain, sometimes heavy showers and sometimes that horrible drizzly stuff that has the clouds sitting on top of the houses...didn't do much to fill up my water butts though!!

A storm might come
The temperatures have been OK, most days you have needed a light short on but a couple have been warm enough in the afternoons to strip down to just a t-shirt. The nights have been terribly muggy though and the humidity has been quite high. Also my hay-fever has bothered me quite a bit this week but that's probably due to the harvesting going on north, south, east and west of me....Why do I live in the country?!?!?!

Well I'm hoping for some nice weather tomorrow so I can get a few things done and get some nice photos too.

Have a good weekend!!


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