Friday 24 August 2012

Friday Forecast...week 34...24/08/12

Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, Wikipedia
Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

Well the weather has been sticky and humid most of the week only turning a little chillier on Thursday when at that point you really felt you needed a jacket for the morning.

Having said that the sun has been intermittent sometimes hiding behind clouds...then other times it has been shining bright in a brilliant blue sky.

We've had a few sharp bursts of rain but certainly nothing to write home about.

The evenings have stayed muggy too.

Temperatures have ranged between 30 and 17 degrees..that goes for both day and night.

The nights are quickly drawing in now and the street lamps were on by 8:30pm tonight..though the cloud cover makes it seemer darker earlier and probably triggered off the lamps.

Hope you like the is of a view not far from where I live. The series 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' was filmed there. It's a lovely place to visit, they have mane functions on, you can get married there and they have nice grounds and gardens. If you would like to read a bit about it then you can find it on Wikipedia.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Dear Tanya, I remember that series. That is a beautiful view. Looking at such a beautiful view can get the imagination going.
    The weather here has not been that great. There is a problem here with West Nile Virus from the mosquitoes. One should not be out in the morning or at dust. These are the times I love to be out! If you are out between these times, try not to get eaten by mosquitoes. They are everywhere. The towns have been spraying, though I don't see much difference in the amount of mosquitoes.
    Well, anyway this summer has come and gone too quickly and I don't feel like I participated in it.
    The days are getting shorter here too.
    I wish you a very lovely weekend. Blessings dearest, Catherine xo

    1. I don't like mosquitoes....I tend to have a bad reaction when they bite me so I am not sorry I am not in your neck of the woods right now. I too am an early morning and dusk person so it would drive me crazy!!

      Hope they soon start to decrease in numbers.

  2. Mmm I noticed the nights closing in too - wish we kept longer daylight hours as closing yourself in at 5:00 on a night is awful for people who live alone!

    1. I wonder if we should start moving round the world with the sun...we could plant crops as we grow!!

      I don't think I have ever known the nights draw in this early in is getting dark by 8pm here.

  3. I noticed just the other day that the nights are starting to draw in. Quite depressing really as I'm still waiting for summer to arrive, it seems to have passed us by this year.

    1. I think I remember one week where we had summer Jo...hang on, I might have dreamt it!!

      Don't you think it's getting darker earlier this year??

  4. Not only has it been getting dark earlier in the evening but sunrise has been arriving a little later also. It's still been warm here though. Summer is quite done just yet :)

    1. Summer isn't done yet?? We never really got one!!

      Darker here in the mornings too Ann...I can handle that a little more than these early dark nights though.. :-(


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