Monday 20 August 2012

Post in pictures as promised!!

Well I have spent a very brief period down the allotment to water the greenhouse ans pick some of the enormous squash and whilst I was there I took a few pictures for you to see how things got on without me.

ripe tomatoes
the tomatoes have started to 
ripen in the greenhouse.
chilli peppers
Chilli peppers forming

bell peppers
I have some good sized bell 
peppers this year.
the pepino have started to form
 fruits...looking forward to trying 

pineapple lantern berry
the pineapple lantern berry has 
produced plenty of fruits...not 
sure if I like them much though.
all year round cauliflower
Third time lucky for the caulis.     

the parsnip tops are looking healthy.
courgette, marrows, gherkins
the squash plants had a huge 
party whilst I was away and got 
extremely big...good job we like 
it a lot!

the celeriac seems to be making 
a bit of a come-back...I wonder
 if there is any root to it though??
Pansies add a lovely bit of 
colour near the greenhouse.

cut and come again salad
This cut and come again salad 
got devastated by caterpillars
 just before I went away but it's
 making a valiant try at 
broad beans
I didn't get the broad beans 
picked before I went away and
 now they need to come down...
I will save seed for next year
 ..these have been great plants.

baby-corn and sweetcorn
Both the baby and sweetcorn 
are finally starting to form 
some cobs.
scarlet emperor runner beans
My runner beans are a bumper 
crop this year!

variety of squash plants
the squash plants are all 
looking healthy.

pumkin marrow pale green stripe
I sowed three pumpkin seeds out 
of the same packet...
this is one of the plants that grew.
pumpkin marrow pale green
This is another of those seeds out 
of that pumpkin packet.

I did manage to get one pumpkin 
plant out of the packet though!!

two varities of cabbage, purple sprouting broccolli, brussels
Despite never being netted the 
brassicas are doing well.
strawberries again
My newly planted strawberries are 
starting to fruit again. this time it's 
nice sized juicy fruits so I may get a 
picking off them this year after all.

ruby chard
the ruby chard is looking healthy.
french beans, ying yang beans, purple beans
All the beans are producing 
well though I have found the 
ying yang and purples to be 
quite stringy so I probably 
wont grow these again 
next year.

Leeks are fattening up nicely.
The beetroot has finally started 
to look like there might there 
might be something 
beneath the ground too.
red and white onions
The onions are ready to be pulled up.
variety of lettuce
The lettuce is growing nicely 
and soon I should have some 
lovely heads to harvest.

So all in all it isn't looking too bad, it's just over two weeks now since I got any real work done but the weeds aren't too bad and I will soon get on top of them this week. Hopefully some time today I will get time to catch up with all my favourite blogs too.

Hope your gardens are growing well and you're all enjoying the summer.



  1. No fruits of our peppers or aubergines. I think lack of light has affected them. As for celeriac it's always a mystery about what may be growing underground.

    1. I tried aubergines for two years with no look so didn't bother this year...I can live without them. This is my best year by far for bell peppers though since I first got my allotment.

      I have never eaten celeriac so I am hoping for something to try this year!!

  2. Wow, everything looks great. We planted 4 pepper plants and didn't get one single pepper off of them. I will admit though that we didn't take very good care of the garden this year. We did get tomatoes though

    1. Tomatoes have been slim picking in the UK this year Ann so I envy you. As for the peppers...maybe you could try again next year!

  3. looks like a beautiful bountiful harvest.

    1. It's getting there one point I though I wasn't going to get anything this year...yet things are starting to fruit and ripen now..not as well as usual but I am grateful for what I receive!!

  4. Just catching up with your posts, Tanya. I was aware you were away as you'd mentioned that you were going on my blog, so sorry to hear that you came home to some bad news though. I'm always a little apprehensive when coming home from holiday wondering what's happened whilst I've been away. Everything at your allotment seems to be doing well though, not much to grumble about there. You've done really well, especially with the weather how it's been this year.

    1. I know |I wish now I hadn't gone away...but I would have got a right telling off from her for that...I guess nothing lasts forever, it makes you realise just how precious life and memories are.

      Everything is coming on nicely in the garden and it's my solstice so helps a lot to be there.

      I am as surprised as everyone else that things seem to be growing so well after the abysmal start we had!!

  5. Dear Tanya,

    What yummy photos!

    Thanks for reading my continuing story about Paul, Jenny and Priscilla.

    Best wishes & hugs,


    1. They are aren't they I just have to decide what delights I can bake at home!"!

      I am loving your story and can't wait for the next instalment!!

  6. Dear Tanya, Well I must say you have a green thumb! I'm nursing my tomatoes to ripeness on my kitchen window sill. My garden just didn't do well this year, but yours is doing wonderful. I wish you lived nearby so you could tell what I'm doing wrong! And it would be fun to have you as my neighbor too! Blessings my dear friend 'across the pond', Catherine xoxo

    1. I can always give you advice across the miles Catherine...though to be honest most of the time success comes down to luck and mother


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