Friday 7 September 2012

Friday Forecast..week 36...07/09/12...and what I won!!

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier in the week about the show and auction but it's been busy, busy, busy here with starting back to work, college enrolments, appointments and re-arrangements around new schedules...oh and a bit of plum produce to but more about that next week!!

So do you want the weather first or the show???

Lets go with the weather!!

Well September arrived with some lovely sun and some nice warmth too.

The evenings are darkening before 9pm now but that light throughout the day is helping me cope.

It has been quite breezy at times and due to to the time of year they have been quite cool but when the breeze has died down we have seen temperatures of up to 21 degrees Celsius....I think there may be hope for my corn yet!!

Not a drop of rain in sight!

The plan is to spend the day down the allotment tomorrow and get some harvesting and clearing done in earnest!!

Now for the show.......

flower and vegetable show prize cards
flower and vegetable show prize cards.
 As you can see from above I did get win in some of my categories. I got first prize in, plums, mince pies, fruit cake, country scene photography and animal photography. I got second prize in action photography and jam. 

I don't think the fruit cake and mince pies categories really count though as I was the only one who entered!!

Not bad though for the first time I have entered.

The auction wasn't attended by a lot of people but those who were there were a really good bunch and it was an enjoyable evening. I will definitely enter next year and now I know how things work I may even try to grow something different as although I got lots of certificates to show for my entries none of these were in my vegetables!

So all in all not a bad event...hopefully next year we can publicize a bit more and get more people to show up.

I am told by another plot holder that I should put my certificates up on my shed wall...what do you think??


  1. Congratulations, you did really well. Definitely get those certificates on the shed wall, they should be on show in pride of place.

    1. I am the only one that goes in my allotment shed and it's a 'poky' little thing...but I think this is where they will end up...or maybe on the inside of the least this is seen when the door is opened!!

  2. Congratulations on your wins. Who cares if there was only one entrant (I would never have admitted to that). Everything looked great and I bet the cake tasted wonderful.

    1. Thanks Liz. I'm sure the cake tasted got auctioned off though so I hope whoever bought it liked the taste!!

  3. Congratulations, you did great for your first effort. I think you absolutely should hang those certificates on your shed wall

    1. Thanks Ann...I am going to try to get prizes with some veg next year though...I think I will be pinning them to the shed door!!

  4. Congratulations my dear friend. I knew you would win!! I am so happy for you. I do think you should frame and hang those certificates on your shed wall.
    The weather sounds delightful. The weather here is cooling down and I love it. The nights are starting earlier here too. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

    1. I wasn't so sure and wasn't that bothered about winning so it was a nice surprise!!

      I am happy with warm or cool be honest I don't even mind the cold but I hate it when we have so little light in the day.


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