Sunday 9 September 2012

Plodding on at the plot.

Well it's been a beautiful sunny weekend and I spent Saturday down the allotment. I didn't get as much done as I hoped as whoever was supposed to be running the shop didn't turn up so I helped out with that but I didn't mind too much as it's nice to get the chance to have a breather...and besides which cake was involved and I never say no to cake!!

So besides helping out at the shop for  a couple of hours I did get my raspberry canes thinned out and plenty of raspberries harvested. In the process of doing this I found two enormous pumpkins which made me very happy. I also harvested some way too big gherkins which have gone straight in the compost bin as I couldn't find anywhere that I could do anything with them. I haven't been very successful with my gherkins so far as I keep missing them but thankfully there are still plenty forming on the plants...I will have pickled gherkins before the season is out!!

I harvested some babycorn which has been stripped and put in the fridge and will be used later in the week. I am keeping a beady eye on it this year as last year I let the cobs get too big and they started to pop which then makes them in-edible.

It finally looks like my sweetcorn is starting to cob up..YAY!! I of course harvested plenty more courgettes and marrows. I am going to make many things with the courgettes but the marrows I think I will just store as we do love our stuffed marrow.

Still not many tomatoes have turned, a few red cherry ones and that's it...I'm so glad I bought that lovely bag of plum tomatoes at the auction last week, at least I can make a few jars of pasta sauce!!

gherkins, babycorn, tomatoes, marrow, courgette, chilli
The weekend harvest

Golden Berry 'Pineapple' Physalis peruviana
These are lovely and sweet if left  for a while in the greenhouse!

French beans, beetroot,
Lovely beans
I also harvested some runner beans and some lettuce. The lettuce wasn't very big but still delicious!! The plum tree has now just about been stripped of plums, there were actually more than we first thought so I was able to let a friend have some too.I have spent the day today in the kitchen preserving and making things but I won't tell you exactly what I have been up to here...I will leave it for a 'tasters' post as I haven't done one in a while. Now I am off to get the lawns cut whilst they're nice and dry. Hope you've all had a great weekend too.


  1. It looks like you're managing to harvest plenty. My sweetcorn still has empty cobs, and there's no sign of my tomatoes turning red.

  2. It hasn't been the best of years has it Jo...but on the bright side I don't think things can get any worse next year!!!

  3. Dear Tanya, It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, busy and productive.
    Your harvest is great. I am still nursing my little tomatoes on the window ledge. Nevertheless, they are my harvest and I delight in them.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

    1. I love it when I can get plenty done...and helping out is always nice too. I think there is always something triumphant in being able to eat something you have tended to yourself.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing how our sweetcorn has done in our absence.

    1. Fingers crossed for your sweetcorn Sue. I am going to harvest the rest of my babycorn this weekend and see if the sweetcorn has actually done anything...I fear we are running out of time!!


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