Sunday 11 November 2012

Beans are in...and a bit more too!!

Well the weather played nice again for me today but with it being Sunday and us having our nice big Sunday dinner I never get so much time down the allotment, especially this time of year when the sun sets so early.

Oh and dinner was great in the new cooker and I didn't burn anything which was a bonus...can't wait to bake some cakes in it!!

Anyway I did toddle off to the plot about 2:30 after my dinner had settled to get stuck in preparing things a little more for the winter.

I managed to get the rest of one half weeded over and the manure spread in preparation for the winter dig.

Even on such a cold day that manure was mighty potent so I am hoping it is going to enrich the soil beautifully for next season.

I also got the ground dug and raked and the broad beans in. I like to get them in this time of year as it saves up some time in the spring and any that may die off over the winter get replaced with some I start off in the greenhouse. I think I put about 80 seeds in the ground and now I pray that I get a good germination rate out of them. I have some extra seeds on standby for planting up next year if I need to.

I also started to turn over some of the earth ready for the winter. This is a tedious task but I like the frost to be able to get in to kill off any nasty bugs and weeds that I may have missed. Still plenty to do but I feel like it has been a very good weekend and right now I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Still haven't got the garlic in the ground but I am hoping for a few more good days so I will get a bit more time down the allotment this week.

Sorry there aren't any photos today but it was way too dusky to take pictures by the time I left to come home.

Hope you've all had a great weekend too!


  1. A big cloud of rain positioned iteslef over our plot and drenched us!

    1. Well I hope that the next time you visit the allotment it stays dry for you...Did you send it my way today??

  2. I didn't realize you could plant beans in the fall. I always assumed they would all die over the winter.

    1. There are certain broad beans that can be over wintered in the ground Ann. It is supposed to make them less susceptible to black fly the following year. I'm not sure if this is true, I like to plant them now as it is one less thing to do next spring!!

  3. You've been busy, you put me to shame. I really need to get my plot dug over ready for winter but it's just too wet at the moment. I need a few dry days so that the ground isn't so claggy.


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