Wednesday 21 November 2012


Well I have been silent again for a while and that's due to all the bugs. Not the ones you find in the garden though but all those that are being harboured by everyone else and finally got the better of me!!

It started last week with a cold and runny nose which was fine and then each day a new element cam over me...cough, razor blades in throat, blocked sinuses...well you get the picture but none the less I carried on getting everything done and turning up for work...then Friday I started to feel so much better and the weekend was nice and sunny and so I even went to the allotment and got some work done.

I didn't spend long down the allotment just a couple of hours each Saturday and Sunday but this gave me time to cut back all the raspberry canes, get the strawberry bed weeded and forked over and looking nice, get the ground dug and prepared and the garlic finally in and get a load more manure spread and a lot more winter digging done.

I only have one row of garlic in this wasn't exactly planned that way it's just that's all I had. I won't get chance to purchase any more now but I may get some to put another plant another row next spring. I can't remember the name of the garlic I have planted but it is one of the common ones that's available in most shops that stock bulbs and seeds.

So there I was feeling a lot better until Sunday night came....then I got bad again. A trip to the doctors on Monday diagnoses me with an acute sinus and chest infection and so 2 hours later I am nearly £40 lighter in my purse on prescriptions and ringing the boss to tell him that on doctors orders I won't be in for the week.

Ever since then I have been meaning to sit and write a post but I just haven't had the energy. Today I am feeling a bit brighter in myself so I hope the antibiotics are doing there job and I won't have to go back to the docs. again. My son is also off college with a chest infection....sometimes I hate this time of year...and I don't do ill very well...I am a seriously bad patient as i like to keep occupied. I guess it's a good job I learnt to knit...something I can do that is practical but not strenuous!

Okay...enough of my whinging...I am sure I'm not the only one that is ill. There is lots going about at the minute, I just hope that I can get rid of it and my immune system back up to top notch to stave anything else off.

The one thing at the allotment I still haven't managed to get done is dig up the main crop potatoes. There are still two and a half rows in the ground. When listening to the farming programme though on Lincs. FM last Sunday I did hear that they can be overwintered in the ground. I guess this is a given considering every year whilst i am digging away to prepare for new crops to be planted I will find perfect potatoes that were overlooked the year before. Not something I would normally do but it does take a little of the pressure off me and also it would be a good experiments...maybe I will leave half a row in just to see?!?!

Well I think that's the update done for now, I was going to take some photos to show you how far I had got but at this time of year the dark creeps up on you so fast. I then thought I may go out today but it's pouring with rain so I think I will give going out in my current state a miss!

Will post some recipes over the week though as I have done some baking which is nice and relaxing...especially with my new stove!

Hope you all have a good day.


  1. If we left our potatoes in the slugs would have a field day!

    Hope you are soon back on top form.

    1. The slugs had already had a field day when I first started to dig them up Sue so I don't hold out much hope for those still in the ground now.

  2. Sorry to hear the dreaded lurgy has caught up with you. Hubby has it at the moment too, though he's not a typical man who gets Man Flu whenever he sneezes, thank goodness. It doesn't sound as though it's slowed you down at all, you've still accomplished much more than I have and I'm at full strength, puts me to shame.

    1. Thanks Jo, I don't do 'ill' very well and am quite a naughty patient!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bug problem. I came home from work today and my husband was laying on the couch whining about the fact that he's getting a cold and he can't get a cold now because he has a football game to go to on I do hope you're feeling better soon.
    To answer your question about when I put up my Christmas tree, I don't have a set time other than it has to be AFTER Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten :)

    1. Thanks Ann...feeling much better now. We don't have Thanksgiving in the UK but I flat out refuse to put mine up before December!!

  4. You poor thing! I hope you're feeling better soon but you shouldn't stress yourself out about the lottie in the meantime - it will still be there when you get back. Have a nice lemon-honey tea instead :)

    I planted six or seven rows of garlic this time last year but have decided to delay planting until spring. My garlic suffered in the wet and I'm not all that convinced it will do any better if I plant it early again since it's still fairly wet now!

    An allotment friend of mine became very ill two years ago and wasn't able to dig up his maincrop carrots and potatoes. While visiting him around December he told me that I could help myself to them since he wasn't getting any better. Unfortunately the potatoes were all rotten and nibbled on when I dug them up. They must have been lying to close to the surface so the frost/frozen ground and rats did them in. Maybe over-wintering them in the ground would work if they were deeper?

    1. Thanks Tanya, feeling much better now.

      I have had mixed success with planting garlic in November and spring so I have decided to do both from now on. That way it doesn't matter what the weather throws at me!

      As for the potatoes, the main crop were a bit of a bust this year anyway with it being so wet...what I don't get though is why you always find those perfect potatoes in the patch that you missed the year before!

  5. oh my!! you must have been sick!!! glad you got the'll feel better soon. take care and get well!!!


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