Saturday 3 November 2012

Cooker success and a funny story!!

So I had someone come out yesterday to survey my present stove situation and also discuss fitting a new one. Turns out in all the years we've lived in our home anyone who put us a stove in has been totally against regulations so work has to be carried out in order for my new stove to be connected.

Anyway the gas man who came is going to sort it all out for me, have the old stove and packaging from the new one taken away and for half the price of what i was going to be charged just for a standard install. So in a way i am actually saving money. Sigh on my part and very happy...the new stove will be re-delivered tomorrow and then I just have to arrange with the gas fitter when he can come....I am so excited!!!!

Now on to something 'allotmenty', and a little bit funny.....and yet a little of annoyance at myself too.

Do you remember this?

Spaghetti Squash...A.K.A. a marrow?!?!
Spaghetti Squash...A.K.A. a marrow?!?!
This is a pair of marrows I entered in the show back in September. Peculiar colour and I thought at the time it was supposed to be a pumpkin. They got auctioned off after the show, I didn't buy them or ask for them back as I had plenty of marrows to be eating.

Anyway as i was doing some ground clearing over the last two weeks i found the heart of this plant and also it's label. You guessed it, this is not in fact a marrow or a pumpkin but my spaghetti squash that I planted.

Of course the major annoyance is the mis-identification on my part and the fact that the plant only produced one more fruit so I only have the one to try...on the plus side though, at least I do have one to try.

The funny side is, I wonder what the people opening those 'Marrows' thought?

I haven't tried this yet but will hopefully be giving it a go in the next week now that I know it's not just a marrow I can think up something great to make. Have any of you ever grown spaghetti squash?? If so I would love to hear how you cooked yours.

It's a cold and frosty morning...but I am hoping to keep warm getting some clearing done on the allotment today...fingers crossed!


  1. That's hilarious!! I can just imagine some older lady's face when the marrow comes out of the oven 'stringy'. LOL

    1. I can't remember who bought them Tanya otherwise I would try to find out their

  2. We have been given one to try but haven't cooked it yet - somehow though I seem to remember having one in the dim and distant past.

    ON the lighter side - if you don't like it then you won'y have to eat any more :)

    1. Let me know what you think when you cook it Sue.

      And is suppose there is the fact that if I don't like it it's no loss...however what if I absolutely love it?? I will have to wait ages for some more:-(

  3. Glad you got the cooker situation sorted out, you'll be all posh once you get the new one installed. I think there's a moral to the Spaghetti Squash story, it actually sounds like something which would happen to me as I'm useless at labelling plants.

    1. Me too Jo...I am very excited again!!!

      I am looking forward to trying the squash. In my defence at identification, they were round in the picture on the packet!!

  4. November third, 2012
    Dear Tanya,
    What fun! I have never grown spaghetti squash, but I have been given some by growers when I was visiting in West Virginia some years back.

    You can cook it and eat it as a vegetable side dish. The name comes from the stringy, spaghetti-like, consistency.

    I love all kinds of squash. Gords are wonderful plants! Unfortunately, I do not have a garden right now. But maybe one day. There are allotments to rent here in Sweden. Maybe that would be a good solution for my itchy green thumbs!

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comment on my two latest posts. I am so lucky to have you as a commenter.

    Thank you, thank you!
    Best wishes,

    1. You should definitely get an allotment Anna...they are hard work but very rewarding. I didn't know there were allotments in Sweden...maybe next time I visit I will see if I can find some to would be fun to see what different things are grown.

      I have never grown gourds as most are decorative only and I like to be able to eat what I grow there...including the flowers!!

      I love visiting your blog and reading what you write, they are put together so well and always leave me wanting the next chapter very soon!

    2. Monday, November 5th, 2012
      Dear Tanya,
      Many years ago, I actually rented an allotment when my former husband and I lived in Stockholm. There are allotments here in Norrkoping, but I may try growing things on my balcony first before trying an allotment all by myself. I know that I have complained about my ex, but he was very good at growing vegetables. His cucumbers were amazing.

      With the climate and short growing season here in the north, I am curious about small greenhouses.

      If you ever want to visit Sweden, let me know. Maybe I could get in touch with people who have allotments here.
      What part of Sweden do you usually visit? Where do your friends live? Write to my email adress:
      adornment [at-sign] live [dot] se

      Oh, if I ever get to the UK...

      I have mentioned you and your blog in a P.S. in a comment that I left on Michael Di Gesu's blog.
      Take a look at my comment at the end:

    3. Hi Anna...thanks for the mention. I have been very and read the post and commented too.

      When in Sweden I visit my friends in Goteborg and Kunglav mainly. I will find out if there are allotments nearby.

      If you ever decide to visit the UK then let me know...we are only a short train ride from the capital city and it's lovely countryside.

  5. glad to hear you're getting everything straightened around with your stove.
    That is funny about the spaghetti squash. I've heard of them, I've seen them but I've never eaten one

    1. Thanks Ann.

      I heard of spaghetti squash on the net and ordered some seeds off line. Although I got them from a UK site it's not something I've heard of or seen in the UK before. I am looking forward to trying it out...on my new stove of course!! :-)


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