Tuesday 6 November 2012

Raspberry Syrup Recipe.

Well I have had a wonderful crops of raspberries this year and so I decided that I would make some syrup for something a little different. It's a very easy method though you do need a thermometer for the temperature as with it being a syrup there is no 'set' test.


The first thing you do is put your raspberries in a large pan/bowl. Give them a mash and then cover and leave to stand for 2-3 days.


straining raspberries in a jelly bag

Strain the raspberries through a jelly bag or some muslin.
strained fresh raspberry juice

Measure the amount of juice you have and for every pint of liquid measure 2lbs of sugar.
risen scum on raspberrie syrup needs spooning off

Put sugar and juice in a pan and heat until sugar has dissolved, (just a few minutes).
Remove pan from the heat and skim the scum off the top.
raspberry syrup returning to the boil

Once you have removed the scum return the pan to the heat and bring back to the boil.
105 degrees and the raspberry syrup is ready

Using a digital thermometer boil until you reach the temperature 105 degrees Celsius/222 degrees Fahrenheit.
rasberry syrup cooling before the lids are sealed

Place in sterile receptacles and cap once cooled. (Keep refrigerated once seal on the bottle is broken.)

So there you have it. A very quick and tasty syrup. We have had it drizzled over ice-cream. Used it like a cordial, made milkshakes and also raspberry crush with it. If I get chance before it all disappears I may try some in cooking too!


  1. Delicious, I bet it tastes wonderful drizzled over ice cream. I've just been catching up with your last post, what a cheeky little mouse, setting up home in your welly and pinching your sunflower seeds. Hope you manage to catch him before he moves the family in.

    1. It is very good even if I do say so myself!!

      I will be getting a trap later in the week so fingers crossed i catch that crafty mouse!

  2. Replies
    1. No it's a syrup Sue. In my experience a coulis isn't strained through a jelly bag so is of a thicker consistency. Also there isn't the temperature point so I don't think it would keep as long.
      To be honest I have never made my own couli but now you've got me thinking!!

  3. It sounds like a lot of work but I'm sure it's well worth the effort. It sounds delicious

  4. It doesn't really take any work at all to make Ann...the raspberries do most of the work themselves...and it is well worth it!


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