Saturday 9 February 2013

D is for 'dreaded development' and digging!!

So I popped up the allotment the other day to have a really good look at the half plot I have taken over for my beehives.
It's in an ideal location but boy is it in a state. It is  in serious need of some T.L.C. but it will get there in the end.
I did take the camera up with me but such is fate that the batteries died on me the minute I turned it on so photos will have to wait for next time!!

I have great plans for my little piece of land and I have been sorting these out in my mind in readiness to get stuck in. I haven't started anything yet though but hopefully will in the next week or so. Originally we had plans to go away over half term but that can't happen now so will leave me plenty of time to get stuck in. I hope the weather is kind to me for that...but no matter what I will get started on it!!

Had a look at my other allotments whilst I was visiting and to be honest for the time of year they aren't looking too bad. A little weedy in places and still a bit of digging to be done but nothing that can't be sorted in a day or two. I still do have the terrible task of digging last years potatoes out though...but you never know I might find something decent under the earth!!

Today has been cold but bright and with a very slight breeze so I took the opportunity to get out in the garden for a bit. I mowed the front lawns (yes I know it's a little early but they looked such a mess) did some much needed weeding and even a bit of digging. Only the 9th of February and I've already started a digging, I thin that must be a record for me!!

Now I have a decision to make but I'm really not sure so I would like to ask your thoughts on the situation too. Remember how last year I sorted out the front flower bed, dug it all out, removed 'most' of the stones and moved the bird-feeder?? If not you can refresh your memories here. Well the thing is I still have a patch in the middle of my lawn that is just bare with a few weeds growing through. Well I'm not sure what to do about this though I have three options in mind.

1) Move the bird feeder back here. I now have a new one which only needs one stab to stand on and grass the rest of the area.
2) Re-grass the whole area that is bare.
3) Make this into a flower bed in the middle of the lawn, (we don't use the front garden at all, I just like it to look pretty!).

So those are the options and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

Whilst I was out gardening today I saw one of my fellow allotment holders and he was telling my how he had been over to check out my blog and said he would visit again so if you happen to be reading this David...'Hi'!!

Well that's about all for now...won't be long before the season really gets going and I can't start spending a bit more time outdoors though the forecast is currently saying we might get some more snow. On a plus note the crocuses are starting to flower and the snowdrops look lovely!!

Now I'm off to have a catch up with everyone else.