Tuesday 12 March 2013

Seeds a plenty!!

Well the weather has been awful the last few days with frosty north winds, driving rain and snow so there was no activity on the allotment. However this did give me time to have a good look through my seeds and see what I will be planting out this coming season and also meant I was able to find out what I needed to purchase.

There are only a few seeds which I will need to purchase and these include, radish, beetroot, pumpkin, turnips swede and some P.S.B. As the allotment shop have started selling these I will get them at a very good deal. I have to say I am cross with myself that I didn't save pumpkin seed from last year. Must remember not to cook and eat them all this year!!

So my list of things to grow are as follows...

Salad Leaves,
Ultimate mixed, iceberg, all year round,
Lollo rosso, little gem, lettuce mixed,
oriental spicy leaf, mustard greens,
oriental mixed and finally perpetual lettuce.
(All of these will be put in the bed near the greenhouse and into tubs around the greenhouse.)
Bell, Cayenne, hebernero and Thai.
(Due to having four different kinds of seeds I will try growing them all this year.)
courgette Spaghetti, butternut,
gourds, patty pan, pumpkin,
marrow, cucumber, gherkin.
Kale, broccoli 'raab' calabrese,
Brussels, cauliflower, red and white cabbages,
spinach, radicchio and P.S.B .
Tomatoes of three varieties (a standard, plum and cherry)
radish, spring onions (red and white)
golden berry pineapple, kiwi and melon. 
( I know the last row is fruit but i thought I would slip it in this section anyway!) 
Dill, garlic chives
lemon thai and curled parsley. 
carrots, celeriac, parsnip,
beetroot, leeks, onions (red and white),
turnips and swede. 
ying yangs, maroon beans (these are seed saved which I got form another allotment holder last year, not sure of their actual names)
climbing bean, french dwarf bean,
peas and runners...and maybe some sugar snaps and mange-tout. 

Then finally I will grow sweetcorn, mushrooms and old and new potatoes.

Well I think that's it for the list although I am sure I will throw some extra bits in if I find the space.
 Besides all this I will be planting more flowers this year in the bee patch and I am hoping to get a few edible ones in there but need to do a bit more research on that first. 
It's quite a long list but I like to have plenty of variety...and I am also hoping that this year will be a good year for crops which I have failed at before!!
All I need now is some decent weather to get things started!!


  1. You have chosen well hope this season is better than the last

  2. I'm just the same, so many things that I want to grow, and it looks a huge list when it's written down. I just wish we could have some warmer weather so that we could get on with things.

  3. No chance of saving pumpkin or squash seeds last year for us as none grew!

  4. that is quite an extensive list. Now all that's needed is some good weather so you can get started

  5. That is quite a list! I've never heard of some of them before: ying yangs? Thai Peppers? I look forward to seeing how you grow them :)

  6. Hi Tanya :)

    My goodness we had a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for all you sweet words!

    I'm definitely looking forward to gardening this year. Since the storm pretty much destroyed everything, it'll be like starting fresh. So this year, I'm going to start a brand new garden and redesign the entire backyard...On the weekends,I've been getting out there doing what I can.

    Mom and I already starting our garden shopping. We picked up lots of seeds and potting soil...and I've been reading up on which seeds I can start early. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

    You have a fabulous list there. I cannot wait to see the progress! Hopefully I'll get the chance to post some progress on our garden as well.

    Sending hugs to you.

  7. Dear Tanya, Sounds like you have your garden all planned and ready. I can hear the excitement and joy that this garden will bring to you.
    It is nice to look forward to such rewarding work.
    I have saved old coffee cans and bought some seeds at the local store. I also bought a bag of good soil to start the seeds with. I am looking forward to this and my daughter is too.
    It will be nice to do something fun and watch these seeds grow. These are the pleasures I look forward too.
    Blessings dear Tanya, Catherine xoxo

  8. I just love thin king about planting seeds!!!! have fun..your crops sound fabulous.

  9. Sounds great. Out of interest, how are you growing mushrooms?

  10. Same problem with the weather here. Lots of planning, theorising, building castles in the air etc, but very little action! Surely the weather must change soon...?

  11. Celeriac? Aren't we gluttons for punishment?

    And mushrooms - you've kept us in the dark for too long!


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