Tuesday 16 April 2013

Introducing Tanya@ Lovely Greens

OK...so this should really be a post about my allotment or even maybe my bees but I want to dedicate it to someone who has given me inspiration over the last few months!!

Tanya@lovelygreens is the person who finally gave me the courage to go ahead and give bee keeping a go as she is recently a new bee keeper herself. Some of you may know her but for those of you who don't I would love for you to go over and check out her blog as there is so much to discover on her journey to living a greener life in the in the Isle of Man.

Not only has Tanya embarked on growing her own and starting an allotment but she has also started keeping chickens and bees too and also makes natural bath and beauty products.

Up until last year these products were only available in the Isle of Man but within the last few months Tanya has started an on line shop which is simply called Lovely Greens Shop.

It has a wonderful assortment of things to purchase and you can even choose to have your item gift wrapped and sent to a different address. I can tell you from first hand experience that the gift wrapping is beautiful and the fact that you can send it directly to someone with a personal message can cut costs in postage for those of you who have friends and family living away.

So if you want to learn about bees, gardening, permaculture...or even making patio furniture out of old pallets then go and check out her blog and say 'hi'...or if you are looking for that perfect natural gift then click on the link to her shop. There is also a link to Tanya's shop on the page of her blog so it's very easy to find.

Then on top of all this Tanya named me as one of her top followers (what better way to be welcomed back after a long silence than having a message left for you to tell you to check out my latest post because you are in it!!) and sent me some strawberry lip balm which was the perfect thing to receive now the weather is better for getting into the garden but still so windy....I think it should maybe come with an 'in-edible' warning though as it smells so good!! In all these high warm wind we have had over the last few days my lips have not suffered one little bit!!

OK...I will stop babbling now so you can go over and check out her shop and blog. 



  1. Always nice to hear about other bloggers. I'll pop on over and have a look

  2. You've made my day Tanya :) Thanks so much for the post dedication and I'm so happy you like your lip balm xx

    1. You're welcome Tanya. It's well deserved.

  3. Dear Tanya, I went and checked out Tanya's blog. It is simply beautiful. I will be visiting again. I am going to try to make my own liquid soap from Tanya's instructions.
    Congratulations on your new adventures in bee keeping and bookkeeping. You will be very busy with all that there is to do. Please take care and find time to rest. That is important.
    Blessings my dear friend and a big hug. Catherine xox

    1. Glad you had a look at Tanya's blog Catherine. I don't think it matters who you are or what you like, there is something there for everyone!

      Don't worry Catherine, I will be resting too. I learnt long ago that time for me is as important as time for my family and friends!!

  4. I'll definitely check out the site. it's always fun to see new things.

    1. Thanks Ratty, I'm sure you'll find something that piques your interest...lots of nature stuff to read!!


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