Monday, 10 June 2013

First 2013 Harvest.

Well I popped up the allotment this morning for a couple of hours and got in the ground a row of spinach, broccoli 'raab' and radicchio. All seeds sowed directly so I hope they will give me plenty of crops!!

Whilst there I had a little looksy at a few things and.....

First harvest of 2013.
I got my first pickings of the year...they taste delicious!!!!


  1. Those look like nice ones. I never did like the taste of them though

    1. I love the vibrant colour of them. They are quite an acquired taste Ann. My Hubby and son don't like them but there are plenty of us in the family that like to eat them like candy!!

  2. I still haven't got round to sowing any radish this year. I usually grow some for my dad as he loves them.

  3. Nice. My family doesn't care for them either. I wish I did since they grow so quickly.

  4. Hurrah - first harvests are always the most welcome!

    1. Certainly are Sue, I enjoyed them with a lovely sandwich!!

  5. Dear Tanya, Beautiful!! It is so nice to see the results of all this planting. It is tasty and fun. Blessings dear, Catherine xo

  6. Goodness, Tanya. You must tell me your secret...or share some of your gardening magic with me.

    I try every year thinking this will be the year my garden shall flourish...sadly, something always goes wrong. My sugar snaps haven't done so well this year...although they haven't for the past couple of years.

    My tomato plants are taking forever, but my moonflowers are doing delightfully well. Since its the first year I've planted moonflowers, I say it's beginners luck...although I haven't had such with my morning glories...hmmm...come to think of it my garden this year is rather pathetic...

    And to top it off, I'm covered in poison ivy at the moment....never fails. You think I would learn by now...

    My peppers are sprouting but they are sooo tiny....let's see what else did I plant...oh yes, some herbs! Basil is doing great much to my surprise haha...and I have some rosemary, chives, and parsley...they're struggling though. *sigh*

    Well, anyway, I'm so happy to see your garden is flourishing...I hope someday to be as good as you!!! And so, I will not give up! :D


  7. I don't have a secret really Tammy, just hope for the best.
    Glad we don't suffer with poison ivy over least I don't thin we do...I've never had it anyway!!

    My peppers and tomatoes are tiny too but they will grow so just give them the chance.

    Weird that your sugar snaps haven't done so well, we live oceans apart and neither have mine...ho bizarre!!

    Glad your herbs are doing well though....if nothing else it's great to pick fresh herbs to cook with, adds so much more depth to a dish!

    Your garden will give you many wonderful treats before the season is out. Honestly I'm not that good, I just plant a lot and hope for the best.

    Take care. xx


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