Sunday 4 August 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…..

Go on...admit TOTALLY missed me!!!! Okay, maybe you didn't, but at least you have come back for a read anyway!!!

So why have I been so quiet for the last couple of weeks??? Well it's been a mixture of things really with mishaps, holidays, house guests, sad times, big decisions and exciting developments...all of this with some good old English summer weather (that's right....torrential rain) has meant that I just haven't got sat down at the computer for a while...but now I am back and I have to catch up with you all over the next few days and get some posts in too.

I will share some of the more exciting things with you and leave out the mundane and embarrassing...actually you would probably like the embarrassing but I think I will still keep it to myself!!!

So I will introduce you to our house guest who I think will be leaving either tomorrow or Tuesday and we have had some great fun with......

Shona. Lurcher/Collie cross
Meet Shona
Shona has been staying with us whilst her owners went away and we have loved having her....probably a little more than the cats but they all came to a truce in no time and have got along fine although Shona would have liked to have got a little closer to them.....

Dog and cats in harmony
Shona getting as close as she dare!!

That brings us on to the sad new of Toby, (the cat above on the right). Two days after this photo we had to take him on a trip to the vets to be put to sleep. He was very old and very loved and we will miss him dearly but it was the best thing for him.

Our big decision and exciting news...we are going to get a dog!! This was actually decided before Shona came to stay although that had been planned for a while anyway and having had her with us for a while has made me even more excited about it. We have gone through the R.S.P,C.A. and have already had the home visit and picked out a we wait for vets reports and stuff. Hopefully everything will be Okay but it will be a while before we know and when we do I will introduce you all!!

So what else?? Well the allotment is doing really well, in fact the veggies are doing as well as the weeds right now and I have plenty to get harvested and will be doing this in earnest tomorrow so will post more about it and maybe the weeds then!!

The bee front is progressing nicely and I will tell you all more about that later in the week too. In fact there really is so much to tell that this post seems a little pointless right now but I felt I needed to at least touch base with everyone before I fell asleep tonight..and then maybe spend some time tomorrow catching up with you all.

So I will leave you with a lovely sunset right now taken last Friday when we went out to Woody's for a drink and a nice walk around the lakes with Shona.

Woodland Waters, Ancaster, Lincolnshire.
A lovely sunset over the lakes at Woody's.
Hope you have all had a great weekend!!


  1. Sorry to hear about Toby. What's best for our loved ones is sometimes the hardest for us.

    1. This is true tpals, it was a very hard decision but I knew I was doing the best for him. x

  2. Dear Tanya, I have missed you.
    I am sorry about your cat, Toby. It is one of the saddest of days when this must be done.
    I am happy that you will be getting a dog. They are great fun and wonderful companions.
    I am happy that your garden is doing well. I can't say that mine is growing a great bounty. (I have 2 tomatoes!!) The basil is doing pretty good though.
    The summer is going quickly and I don't seem to be able to catch up with much, yet I always seem to be doing something yet I don't ever seem ahead of schedule.
    The sunset is so beautiful. It all looks so peaceful.
    Blessings and hugs my dear friend. Catherine xo

    1. I have missed you too Catherine, I ma now trying to get you all caught up with what has been going on whilst trying to catch up with everyone else too. It's a slow progress but I'm getting there.

      Your garden may not b e growing a great bounty, but I think sometimes this make you appreciate what you do have more.

  3. Hi Tanya, always great to hear from you, absence or otherwise! Sorry about your cat, very hard to do the right thing sometimes. Looking forward to hearing all about your plot and bees.


    1. Exciting news soon to follow on the bee front Lee. :-)

  4. It is sad to lose a much loved pet. Look forward to 'meeting' your new dog.

    1. Fingers and paws crossed it all goes well for us Sue, it is a long process at the minute and I am not exactly waiting patiently!!


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