Tuesday 3 December 2013

Allotment 0 - Garden 10.

So this morning dawned to be a very chilly but startlingly dry day. No dampness at all on the paths or grass and this spurred me into action in the garden. OK, that's not actually true, it kind of dragged my butt into gear after adding extra woollens and some tights!!

So why did it need to be a dry day?? well I kind if had a jungle growing between the paving slabs in my very neglected back garden and it's not something you can remove and then clean up easily if it's damp so the plan to perhaps spend an hour down the allotment and then get the ironing and some cleaning done was put on hold. After all this time of year you can't let a chance of decent weather pass you by. I'm kind of glad I didn't either if you are to believe what the papers are saying with an Arctic blast hitting us by the weekend with gale force winds and 8 inches of snow...not that I believe it for a minute but it would be kind of nice to get some decent snow. Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly a snow lover but I am dying to see Trojans reaction to the fluffy white stuff and can't wait to see him chase snowballs only for them to disappear as they touch the ground...and lets face it...what wonderful photo opportunities...talking of photo opportunities...no...that's a post for another day!!

Well that was a little off topic and bizarre! I have had this post rattling around in my head all day and I am sure it was much better than this and with a lot less distraction but now it's late so this is what you get...feel free to stop reading at any point!!

Anyway back to the garden. So I got all of the weeds out of the garden and slabs and gave it all a good dig over. I then tackled the rockery which resembled a dead forest and then sorted out taming the herb patch for winter. This also meant I could finally get to the tomato plants which had long since died and 3 hours later after continual support and company from Trojan I was done!!

Trojan was a star by the way, staying of the earth as I dug and just bringing me his ball every now and again for a throw. Such a gem. :-)

After a walk with Trojan I then came home and gave the lawns a quick haircut as even though it's December they don't seem to get the fact that they are supposed to stop growing...oh that's right...this was the point where in my head earlier I was going to write the Arctic blast bit...duh...oh well, it's done now!!

Cutting the lawns also helped clear up the leaf debris so all in all everything is looking a lot better and I will feel much happier next time I am washing the dishes whilst gazing out the kitchen window...the garden may be bare...but it's tidy!!

I didn't have chance to get the front done (except for the lawns) before I had to get ready for work but maybe tomorrow and if not I can pray we get that snow to hide it all for the weekend!!

So I think that is all the waffle I have in me for now. 

I will try and get some photos for you tomorrow...won't that be exciting....lol!!

Good night all.


  1. You were busy I have a few jobs starting to mount up but do hope we don't actually get the snow. Our local forecast put it in the North Sea.

    1. Today I read that the Arctic blast was going to stay for the next 30 years. Where do they come up with this stuff??

  2. That's another job you can cross off your list. There's so many tasks to get done before winter sets in, I'm so behind with them all.

    1. Mr to Jo but I just get done what I can when I can...if something has to wait a little longer then so bi it...it's not going anywhere...and the only good thing about this time of year is the weeds aren't getting any worse!!

  3. I wish I could drag my butt into gear and get stuff done

  4. Getting my butt into gear certainly took some doing Ann but the end result was worth it!!


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