Thursday 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

Well it's been a whirlwind of a two weeks and tomorrow normality returns and I'm back at work.

So I intended on getting some posts up over the holiday period but time seems to have whizzed by and I didn't even get the chance to catch up with my favourite blogs let alone write anything on mine...enough's a brand new year and what will be will be. I will get caught up with things and plod on at a pace which makes me happy therefore always enjoying my blog and garden and the other bogs I follow too!!

So Christmas and New Year were both nice. spent with family and friends in a quiet and laid back manner, just the way I like it. I got some lovely gifts. Some garden related, some bee related and some just 'me' related. I was very happy with everything anyway and will share one of then with you today and then the others with you over the next week.

So the gift I'm going to share with you today was what my Hubby bought me...a new camera!!! In all honesty I knew I was getting it and exactly which one as I did a lot of research into getting a camera I would be happy with. I loved my old camera but I have had it for a lot of years and it just isn't working right any more.

So the new camera I have is this....

canon PowerShot SX240 HS
Canon PowerShot SX240 HS
It's a wonderful camera for me with a great zoom lens and some fantastic features not all of which I have worked out yet. It's a lovely size and weight...slips nicely into my pocket but isn't so small and light that I wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there!!

Of course I have been playing around plenty with it and it has produced some cracking shots...a few of which I will share with you now...

woodgrain on the shed

This is a close up taken of the grain on the side of our shed...the amazing thing is that I actually stood in my kitchen to take this and zoomed through the kitchen and conservatory past the windows and into the garden!!
winter berries

Just a random photo of some berries whilst I was walking Trojan over the fields. I love the clarity of the close up and have always envied people who have been able to take shots like these!!
The moon in the morning

And finally this was taken in the early hours of the morning...I have always wanted to take great shots of the moon...I wouldn't say this is great but I am still learning...I was pretty pleased with the way it came out though!!

So those are just a few of the shots that I have taken...I have taken so many I think I should start another blog just to show them off!! The only downside to the camera...and bare in mind this is a personal thing, there is no viewfinder...only the screen on the back to look at. It is a good size screen I just think you are more stable when using a viewfinder...non the less I will get used to it and it was a fantastic price.

So with this in mind I should be able to take some great photos on the allotment this year to share with you all....can't wait for the weather to be frosty...or snowy...or dew in the morning...anything but this horrible grey with strong gusty winds!!

Oh...just one more photo then...

After all, Trojan has been my moving subject and helped me learn a lot about the camera so he deserved the chance to say 'Hi' to you all!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and wishing you all the best for the upcoming year.


  1. Happy New Year. It looks a lovely camera I need a new cameras so am on the lookout for ideas about one. No good hinting to the other half as I really want a simple one.

    1. Hints don't work very well on my other half either...which is why I researched and then bought my camera from him for me for christmas!!

      This is very simple to use and I highly recommend it!!

  2. I still haven't gone used to all the features on my camera and have had it a while now!

    Hi to Trojan - I bet he enjoyed Christmas with you - was a treat on offer to get this shot!

    1. I will get there slowly but surely with my camera I am sure.

      Trojan was a little overwhelmed at christmas and didn't really understand what to do with a wrapped present...I have a video I really should put up for you to see.

      No treats on offer for the shot...he just likes to pose!!

  3. A very nice gift and it takes a good picture. My favorite is the one of Trojan.

    1. It's one of my many favourites to Ann..Of course I have taken many photo's of

  4. Happy New Year to you too. I think once you start a blog, it's inevitable that you'll get more in to photography. It looks like your new camera takes some good shots, you'll enjoy getting to know it more and working out just what it can do. I'm hopeless when it comes to photography, but I'm more interested than I used to be so I'm trying to learn a bit more about it as I go along. I bought a camera a few years ago and went with a model just because it had a viewfinder. Big mistake as I could have got a much better camera and I never once used the viewfinder. We bought Eleanor a new camera for Christmas as she'd like to learn more about photography, she went for a bridge camera, again without a viewfinder. Have fun with your new camera. Love the photo of Trojan.

    1. I really considered a bridge camera but obviously they are a lot heavier and bigger and I thought that maybe I would spend more time leaving it at home than taking it with me, especially when going to the allotment or on a good long walk with Trojan. I'm just not that into photography to warrant having one so I kept looking and I'm glad I did!!

      I hope to have lots of doubt Trojan will have many more photos taken!!

  5. Dear Tanya, Sounds like you are very happy with the camera!! It looks like you are going to take some beautiful photo's with it.
    I am glad that Trojan got to say, "hello"!
    It will be fun to see the garden shots and such this coming spring.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

    1. I don't think I can really take credit for the good photos...I just found good

      I'm looking forward to getting more chance to take pics as the weather improver!!

  6. Hooray! You finally got your new camera. It has a good big zoom on it. My super expensive camera doesn't zoom much farther than that. You already got some good pictures. I like the one with the Moon.

  7. Nice camera, we have just bought a new one too hoping to take better photos for the blog once I figure it out! Best wishes for 2014.

  8. Enjoy using your new camera. You've already taken some good photos and, of course, the one of Trojan is great!


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