Saturday 3 May 2014

Dogs, bees, baths and more bees!!

So a lot has been going on over the last couple of weeks and I seriously can't believe that I didn't post in over a week....especially with so much to tell...shame on me!!!!

I did keep meaning to write a post but with so much to do I was just so tired when I got home...and then of course I would think about writing the next day and not quite get around to it and then things go out of your head and yada yada get my drift??? 

Yeah...I guess I just got lazy. Anyway, here is a little update as to what's been going on....less talk and more pictures as I find this the perfect way to do things without boring you all to sleep!!!

So the weather then.....only kidding...I'll cover that all in a post on it's own mainly for a personal diary for me next year so you can all feel free to skip that one!!

Well let's start with last Saturday. It was the day after my Dads birthday and as a treat hubby and I took my parents to the dog and garden show out at Newark showground. The day dawned with horrific rain  but fortunately for us it stopped just before the time we said we would leave.

There was lots going on and although it was a little confusing in the layout we had a wonderful day out. Of course we took Trojan with us and my Parents dog Louie!!

Hubby, Parents, Trojan, Louie, Nephew.
The family at the dog show.
 Trojan and Louie were really well behaved even though they were very excited and we had a lovely day. We entered the dogs in a couple of shows, they didn't win but they are still our stars!!

 So after we got home from the show Jez gave me a ring and I went to the allotment after a quick bite to eat so that we could sort out the Poly deep brood hive. On the photos you saw earlier you could see where the bees were building below the frames in order to fill space...well they were over filling and gluing to the bottom of the hive...also making queen cells so some radical action needed to be taken.


So last Saturady 3 hives became 4. The nucleus has only 5 frames in it and the queen hasn't yet hatched out which is just as well as it is full to bursting and I am waiting for a hive to be delieverd to transfer them into so they have more room.

After sorting the hives went for a nice walk with trojan....

Isn't this just the greatest photo!!
Trojan in the daisies and buttercups
I have also been busy on the allotment but still haven't quite managed to get the seeds in pots in the greenhouse...I'm kind of glad it's a bank holiday weekend!! I did get the rest of the weeds up though and the runner beans are ready to be planted out but going to wait a few more days as we had quite a harsh frost last night.

The bee plot is coming along nicely....I planted a well esatblished broom today...and we also had a good bath too!!


It has all been strimmed down and we now have good plans in mind for flower and herb beds so it all feels like things are coming along nicely.

After all this was done then I had time for another bee inspection which now need to be carried out on a regular basis and Annabel gave me a hand. Annabel is 12 and currently taking the bee course so this was her first time in the hives and was fantastic...not fazed one bit by all the buzzing and flying.

So I do have some more to share as Annabel took some photos whilst we were busy burying the broom but I think we will leave them and the 'exquisite' on she took for tomorrow post. 
Night all.


  1. Are those hives wind proof? They look really light. Then the twiggy thing through the bath tap hole - will it grow or is it somewhere for the kingfishers to perch :)

    The polytunnels caught my eye too - if we erected some that size the council would get the wobbles.

    1. The wooden hives are obviously a lot heavier than the polysterene hives Sue but they poly ones have straps to keep them together and then i just put a brick on top. They are surprisingly sturdy and heavier then they look empty. Once the bees start filling them up they are then VERY heavy!!

      There are quite a few poly tunnels on our site and the majority of them cover a whole plot!! I have thought about getting one...maybe in a few years....would be good to work donw the allotment out of the wind and rain!!

      I guess we are really fortunate that our council don't mind the tunnels being there...I had never thought about it being a problem on an allotment site. Do you have any tunnels on your site??

    2. The twiggy thing is just there for a perch...we will be gettinf some plants and things round and in the pond eventually, the branch was what i had to cut off the fruit tree when i put the shed was just lying around so i stuck it in the hole!!

    3. Just ine small polytunnel about 6x8 on our site.The council have a size restriction for buildings.

  2. You've been busy with your bees. As you know, I had an old bath on my old plot which I grew carrots in, we left it behind when we moved sites so I'll miss it this year. I can't believe Trojan didn't win a prize, he's such a beautiful dog.

    1. It is a busy time of year for the bees especially with so much O.S.R. around.

      Shame you couldn't take your bath with you. I did think about growing stuff in it but the bees really need the water as they drink a lot.

      I'm not upset Trojan didn't win a prize...I know he's fantastic!! My Hubby says i need to tell more of a sob story rather than just give them the facts.....maybe next time!!

  3. Trojan is a beauty. :)
    Fascinating bee photos.

  4. Dear Tanya, Happy Birthday to your dad.
    My little dog would not win a contest either, though he is my star too!!
    Tammy and I have been doing a lot on the garden too; though I hope our plants will grow this year.
    Blessings dear. Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine.

      I think all dogs deserve to win Catherine...especially ours!!!

      Fingers crossed for your garden being it's best ever!


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