Monday 26 May 2014

In my absence I.....

....well I accomplished quite a lot really and got some things done that I have been meaning to do for ages. I didn't mean to neglect the writing of my blog it is just that sometimes time runs away from you and to be honest I hate it when I don't get chance to write here and read the other blogs I love but something has to give somewhere sometimes and it always seems that the blog is the first to get put on the back burner for a while...maybe because I know it will still be there when I get chance to return as will everyone else's so that I can catch up with you all....I just hope all my readers will come back to listen to my inane ramblings!!!!

So lets get back to catching you all up....I will tell you all some things I got up to but bare in mind these are in no particular order as i will probably just waffle to you all for a while and hope it brings you up to speed!!

I did mange to get a bit of work done on the allotment and now have seeds growing in the greenhouse that will soon need hardening off and there are root veggies in the ground but I am far from finished and probably a little behind planting wise but I'm sure things will catch up.

Of course the rain has been quite aggressive at times over the last couple of week which means the weeds have gone rampant again so I will have to get my back into hoeing at some point this week!!

I went to a friend of a friends for a free facial which was wonderful and some lovely product were used of which I treated myself to a few!!

I managed to get a couple of novels read...I love to read and find it relaxing to fall into a totally different reality at times...especially when the rain won't cease!!

My friend Juliette took on a new allotment this year and it was in quite a state and then she had so much work to get done that i surprised her by popping down one evening and rotovated it over for her so that it was ready for planting. She was really pleased when she found out and I was happy to help!!

This seems quite long winded and I have barely covered anything....bare with me whilst I go get my camera and lets see if we can find a few pictures to share....

open apiary with Grantham District Beekeepers.

I helped out at an open apiary with Grantham District Beekeepers and we had a glorious day for it and then went for tea and cake after to the Chairman's house. It was a great day and gave people who are currently on the course the chance to get interactive with the bees!

With the weather so unpredictable it hasn't been difficult to get a decent amount of work done down the allotment but things are in hand and slowly taking shape....

bee plot fruit bush finding
We managed to find the fruit bushes amidst that wheelbarrow of stuff, this was of course after I had been up there at 5:00am strimming the weed down which I found out today someone complained about because of the noise but to be honest I'm not sorry I did as we went back at 8:00am to get some more work done and within and hour had to endure this.....

Which believe me only got heavier and once we were soaked through to our underwear we decided enough was enough and went home to get dry clothes on and warmed through!

Did I really do so little?? Oh, I remember something else I did...

bee suncatchers

I made some bee sun catchers. These were some first off and not the final cuts but the finished ones will 'bee' along these lines (I know...really lame joke!!). Anyway, this year Grantham District Beekeepers are having a stall at Grantham carnival and so I offered (in my totally dumbass moment) to make some to  sell. So far i have made about 65...only another 20 to go!! Then I just have the honey jars to decorate....I really do make myself a lot of work at times!!

On top of all that I have been sorting out membership and BDI stuff which will be of no concern or interest to you believe me but none the less it all takes time along with the usual day to day rubbish of washing, cooking, cleaning, working yadayadayada....we all know the drill!!

Oh just to finish off though...yes I am going to stop boring you all to tears now..I did go out for the day yesterday...Took my parents as My Mum's birthday treat to Burghley Game and County Fair.

It was quite a nice day out and they had some great falconry displays on so I will leave you with a nice pic...

I really am sure there was more to my absence but right now it escapes me...but don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I remeber!!!! LOL


  1. Well you have been busy. I haven't been quite as diligent with blogging lately and I don't have nearly as much going on as you do. I like your little bee sun catchers.

    1. I think you have to delgate and do what feels right at the time. i do miss keep up with everyones postings though.

  2. You have been busy, busy… That is a good thing. Enjoy!


    1. Busy is good. My children learnt very early on in life not to tell me they were bored as i am always so busy i find it very easy to releive them of their

  3. Goodness you have been busy, sometimes time just runs away with you! Your sun catchers look great, good luck making the final 20.

  4. You really have been a busy be (my lame joke!) The weather is preventing us from planting too and we feel behind.

    I was going to ask what the neighbours thought if you strimming at 5:00 a.m.

    Those sun catchers are lovely - you really should set up an Etsy shop or sell on Ebay!

    I love birds of prey and would love to fly one. Martyn and I did have chance to fly a barn owl once which was special.

    1. Busy is good...bees are great :-)
      As for the strimming rather early in the morning...apparently somebody complained. Although our allotments are quite close to the houses they aren't in the back yard and the bee plot is in the top furthermost corner. having said all that someone complained about noise pollution so i have been asked to refrain from using anything of that nature so early in future...I really should ask what time i am allowed to fire things up!!

      Maybe if we don't seel all the suncathchers at the carnival i will try to sell elsewhere...interested Sue?? Lol

  5. Your life has been full of activity to keep you away from blogging, but it's lovely to hear all your news. Glad that you've done some good things for yourself as well as helping others such as the novel reading, the facial, time out with your Mum, friends and fellow beekeepers etc. All the best with the stall at the Grantham carnival and, of course, glad that you're able to do some work at the allotment in between the rainy days.

    1. I do love to read Linda...what of my loves of winter (and believe me there aren't many) is that I can curl up with my book at an incredibly early time as it's dark and miserable outside!!

  6. I wish you could send some of your rain over here! I enjoy reading your ramblings. A bit of escapism of my own. :)

    1. I will try and send you my would be nice to be without it for a while!!!!

      Glad you enjoy my


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