Sunday 8 June 2014

Today is the day!!!

Yes it is...'What day?' I hear you ask...well it's the day I finally get my butt into gear!!

The allotment closely resembles a wild paddock at the moment...there are some crops in there but to be honest you can't see them for the in general and horrific weather has put paid to getting any work done but has left perfect conditions for those wonderful weeds that we all love. After all the weather we had last month I am seriously re-thinking the weed control fabric Sue....maybe it will be turning up on my plot very soon!!

So why am I making today the day??

Perfect blue summer sky.
Perfect blue summer sky.
With a sky outside your window like that wouldn't you?? It's not just that the sky is blue but that it is still blue even at 10:30am. it has often been like this as I have risen out of bed at 5:30am but by 8:00am it has been black and stormy with plenty of rain.

The weather man assures me that today it will stay with us so i am going to make the most of it after we have had dinner.

Of course i also need to ge a hive inspection done as weather hasn't made that task easy of late and I am hoping to get a really good look inside the hives today, especially with a recent EFB find in the area. EFB is a disease that can drastically affect your bees. I'm not sure how interested you will be in that but if you want to learn a little more about it then you can click here for some more info.

So that's it for now but I will be back tomorrow with some before and after photos.

Have a great Sunday!!

Wednesday 4 June 2014