Sunday 27 July 2014

Barrowby Allotments Annual bbq, 20 July 2014

So we are still casting back in time...this time a week yet again to our annual bbq.

It was a good day for us and the weather held out with nice sunshine right until the bitter end...unfortunatley not for the clearing up though!!

It was quite well attended and we saw a few new faces this year. I'll let the pictures tell you a little more (just hover over them for descriptions)!!

at 12 on the dot it was a mad rush for the food!!

Lovely homemade tarts with homegrown fruit.

A selection of sdrinks for the children.

A few people were photographing this memorable event...haha

Lovely relaxing settings for the bbq

everyone kept realy busy serving and socialising.

children were welcome

dogs were welcome on leads.

a selection of jams were available to buy from an allotment holder

visitors were free to take a stroll and look round the allotments.

It was definitely 'Service with a smile!!'

All meat and bread was sourced from the local butchers.

People mingled and chatted once they had their food and drink.

Allotments holders donated produce for sale to attendees.

Homemade Spiced cake, available fot £1  slice.

Another wonderful homemade cake.

A selection of beers for the men.

Wonderful salads prepared and grown at home or the plot.

A selection of wines for the ladies

Beautifully cooked meat.

a selection of chilli and fried onions.

rice salads

Kettle was on if anyone fancied a cuppa.

live music from the locals throughout the bbq was lovely.

And then there was the raffle with a good selection of prizes.

Can you spot me?? I was kind of hungry!!
The tart cut beautifully and tasted wonderful.

Hopefully the day was enjoyed by all who attended.

Well I hope you enjoyed joining us at the bbq, I will show you what happened at the end next time!!!


  1. Lots of tasty looking treats there.

    1. The food was great Ann...maybe mine tasted so much better as I had to wait until after the rush until I coud grab some!!

  2. looks like it was the perfect day. Lots of good looking food, it's making me hungry

    1. We were very happy that the weather complied and people turned up...the food would have been delicious no matter what but it was the people who made the event a sucess.

  3. Hi Tanya, oh my what fun! Your summer parties always look so inviting. I swear one of these days, mom and I are going to make it over there with some of our goodies and celebrate with you all. I hope you are having a pleasant summer.

    Ours has been truly crazy with the new site (oh, and I fixed the feed so you will now get updates just as before when we put up a new post :)). Our garden is doing a little better than last year. I've been meaning to tell you that your were right about the sugar snaps. I threw some seeds right into the ground and they flourished :) The tomatoes are so-so, but everything is good...we've gotten a lot of pumpkin blossoms. We've been frying those- which has easily become my new favorite summer dish.

    I hope you are well and having a great summer!


    1. It would be lovely if the two of you could come and visit Tammy!!

      Glad your garden is doing better this year and glad the sugar snap peas worked out for you.

      I am yet to try fried pumpkin blossoms...maybe one day though!!

  4. It looks like a fab day was had by all. The weather looked to be good too, it's always a relief to get a sunny day when an event's been planned.

    1. It really was a nice day...that's two years in a row the weather has been kind...fingers crossed for next year!!

  5. What a lovely day that was!

    1. It was rather nice wasn't it Juliette!!

  6. The food pictures are making me extremely hungry.

  7. what amazing pictures! wish I could take pictures like that lol!
    looks like you all had a blast, and great weather for it!


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