Sunday 6 July 2014

Bee plot idea in action!!

So whilst we were strimming and mowing the bee plot on Friday evening we had to again move all the ornaments from around the pond in order to be able to cut down what had grown up around it and inevitably this led to debris in the pond yet again.

So the pond area was time consuming and messy yet again which was where my idea came from...after all I am always looking for making things easier to take care of and looking more improved.

So off to homebase I went yesterday morning with Juliette and we bought weed membrane and wood and then set to sorting things out yesterday afternoon.

Juliette helping on the bee plot
Juliette helping on the bee plot

sorting out the water feature.
sorting out the water feature.

I think it is better placed on the boards.
Juliette did as much work as me and then complained
at our resident photographer Annabel (her daughter)
that she only took photos of her when she wasn't actually

just a couple of finishing touches taking place
just a couple of finishing touches taking place....

And that's the finishing touches for today.
And in goes a post.
So what do you think so far?? It is not finished yet but I do have a picture of the completed project so far...want to see?? Well if you don't just stop reading now as I am going to post a couple anyway!!

Newly edged pond area,
So here you can see it so far. It isn't totally
finished yet put we are pleased with what
we got done before leaving.

Newly edged pond area,
Wood has been put round the edge and membrane put down
to prevent weeds. Stones will go on top of the
membrane and a few plants put in around the pond.

Newly edged pond area,
And this is what it looks like at the moment as you approach
plot. A water feature to one side and a bird bath in the top corner
are really starting to make it an attractive main feature
to the bee plot and it is great for attracting wildlife.
The wood edging means no more moving things from
around the pond and will help keep it clean.
It is still a work in progress and there are a few things yet to be sorted but once it's complete then I will take some more photos for you to see featuring all the little quirky things we have added to give it a little bit of character.
I would just like to say thank you to Annabel and Elysia for providing the photos for this post!!


  1. No wonder you were fed up of having to move all that. What would we do without weed control membrane?

    1. It was a lot to move wasn't it?? I do like them there though...I think it adds a little something to the and herbs will be next. I am really pleased with how things are looking so far!!

  2. Good idea and I look forward to seeing more of the work in progress.


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