Tuesday 8 July 2014

Spot the dragon fly.

Remember the dragon fly I made and told you about here well I just wanted to share with you his/her new home!!

dragonfly in the lagoon
Spot the dragon fly.
Do you see him/her?? I never did decide on a gender. Anyway I think it's very happy here!!


  1. That looks like the perfect home for your dragon fly. Looks like it has lots of friends there in the lagoon too

  2. That's terrific and I suspect the only one who worries about it's gender is another dragonfly. ;)

  3. Spotted shim but eek you just spirited me back to my teaching days.

    1. It's not so bad to be spirited back Sue...now revisiting is a whole different story..lol

  4. A perfect place. Love the display and it takes me right back to my teaching days!


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